LG Displays Bring 'Wow Factor' to AVI-SPL's New Dallas Office

The AVI-SPL lobby of the Dallas office features the Wave Wall with curved LG OLED displays. (Image credit: Cheyne Smith)

When visitors enter the lobby of the new AVI-SPL office in Dallas, the first thing they see is the one-of-a-kind Wave Wall. This eye-popping video wall uses multiple curved OLED displays from LG Business Solutions USA to form a wavy HD video surface. 

After being hit with the “wow factor” that AVI-SPL and LG can deliver for corporate lobbies and public spaces, visitors next encounter a 65-inch LG interactive digital signage board that provides wayfinding information. As they continue walking forward, they end up in the ground floor meeting room that features LG’s 136-inch All-In-One dvLED display. Various LG 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch 4K LED displays are also installed throughout other areas.

AVI-SPL Dallas

The ground floor meeting room features an LG 136-inch dvLED display. (Image credit: Cheyne Smith)

According to AVI-SPL engineering manager Erich Schriefer, the new Dallas office is a key location for showcasing advanced display technologies. “We contract for a good deal of high-end signage and content, and there’s no better proof of our skill and ability to think outside the box than filling our own corporate lobby with show-stopping technology,” he said. “We recognized that these spaces could be product and expertise showcases for every partner, client, or guest that visits the building, and worked with a variety of our suppliers to outfit different areas with various technologies.”

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The Wave Wall comprises nine 55-inch curved OLED panels in a 3x3 configuration, with each panel mounted vertically to form a 12-foot-tall, portrait-oriented 4K display. This was the first time an AVI-SPL team used LG’s curved OLED video wall technology. Because it is a custom display, the team also partnered with Draper to design a mounting solution that allows the entire wall to smoothly swivel out six feet from its resting position for maintenance and demonstration purposes. 

“We were thrilled to partner with AVI-SPL and LG on this project, and our expertise in designing mounts was exactly what they needed,” said Kevin Barlow, director of business development at Draper. “It was an unusual project, requiring semi-permanent installation with the ability to move the entire display at a moment’s notice. The lightweight OLED panels allowed us to use a manual design, without motorization, which simplified the build. The end result is the appearance of a permanently-installed curved video wall that’s easily movable.” 

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The process was enlightening for the AVI-SPL team. “It was super interesting and exciting to actually bend the OLED displays on site, under the guidance of on-site LG professionals,” Schriefer added. “There’s a curve table that the display attaches to, then a ratchet you turn, and it bends the display to the precise curve you need. Assistance from Draper and LG was critical to the success of this part of the project.” 

AVI-SPL Dallas

A 65-inch LG interactive digital signage board provides wayfinding information. (Image credit: Cheyne Smith)

The 65-inch interactive display demonstrates how lobbies, entranceways, and other high-traffic areas can provide critical wayfinding, scheduling, and building information in a responsive and attractive way that meets guests’ digital expectations. AVI-SPL is currently using Appspace for content delivery and worked with Korbyt to develop content. 

“AVI-SPL’s lobby has the feel of a high-end retail experience or a Silicon Valley HQ reception area, and it virtually guarantees a stellar first impression for visiting clients and partners,” said Dan Smith, vice president of business development, LG Business Solutions USA. “Whether they are hosting consultants, architects, builders or end users, the lobby and meeting room show that AVI-SPL is not only capable of great feats, but is also on top of all the latest tools and has strong relationships with leading manufacturers.” 

As one of the first things guests see and a key location where executives gather and conduct business, the ground floor meeting room also needed to highlight how display technologies can enhance modern meetings with improved clarity, brightness, and simplicity. LG’s 136-inch all-in-one dvLED display is a packaged product that ships with virtually every component needed for installation, and can be assembled in approximately an hour. This represents a considerable labor reduction compared with the amount of time required to install non-packaged products. It also greatly simplifies maintenance for integrators or on-site staff by using detachable LED modules that can be easily replaced without dismantling the display. 

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“These first impression areas have already created a buzz among our various visitors, and we’ve received some unexpected RFPs specifically because visitors were impressed with our facilities,” Schriefer added. “Each product was carefully chosen for a distinct purpose and it shows. The OLED Wave Wall is perfect for the lobby because its high-definition picture quality allows visitors to walk right up to it, while the conference room dvLED provides brightness and clarity for participants whether they are close to the display or across the room.” 

AVI-SPL, LG, and Draper all agree the new office acts as an excellent demo site—and the design and installation process served as a good training exercise to build competency with new products as well as develop best practices for optimal results. 

“Our partnerships with leading manufacturers and designers like AVI-SPL continue to pay dividends and result in industry-leading projects that excite the imagination and help reinvigorate spaces with digital clarity,” Smith said.  

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