InfoComm 2024: Fujifilm Goes Fully Immersive and 5 More Booths to See

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at InfoComm 2022.
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Are you still figuring out what to see on the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor June 12-14? We have you covered. Keep up with SCN's InfoComm 2024 coverage with new products, events, and insights to expect on the show floor. And don't forget to bookmark the links below for all of SCN's InfoComm 2024 coverage. 

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Fujifilm to Showcase Fully Immersive 360-Degree Booth Experience

Fujifilm North America, Optical Devices Division, will unveil a fully immersive 360-degree booth experience—with the walls, floor, and ceiling of the space entirely comprised of visual projections from a grouping of FUJIFILM FP-Z8000 Projectors (FP-Z8000)—at Booth W2965.

Delivering this dynamic immersive content will be a dozen FP-Z8000 Projectors, featuring FUJIFILM Z-Series’ rotating, folding lenses, and expansive lens shift options designed for installation versatility in even the most challenging spaces. With its 8000-lumen output and a 0.34–0.37 ultra-short throw ratio, the projectors will illuminate the space with content powered by software from Igloo Vision (Shropshire, U.K.). Visitors can step inside Fujifilm’s custom-built 269-square-foot space and be enveloped in specifically curated content designed to uniquely appeal to projector users in key industries.

The immersive content projected by the FP-Z8000 Projectors, strategically and covertly installed behind walls and in ceilings, will focus on real estate, where immersive projections can offer comprehensive walkthroughs of properties under construction or in distant locations, aiding decision-making without the need for physical visits. These projections also allow potential buyers to visualize various design options within commercial and residential spaces. 

Meet the Insta360 Connect Dual-Camera AI Videobar

The Insta360 videobar.

(Image credit: Insta360)

Visitors to the Insta360 Booth C10119 will see the new Insta360 Connect. The dual-camera AI videobar is designed for crystal-clear communication and immersive meeting experiences in small and mid-size meeting rooms.

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Additions features include a built-in 14 Mic Array with 33-foot voice pickup; adaptive audio with intelligent denoising algorithm; AI-powered speaker tracking; and Group Framing and Gallery Mode. The device is compact and easy to install, with a BYOD Mode for expanded meetings. 

Solid State Logic Launch SSL Live Bundles

A Solid State Logic mixing station.

(Image credit: Solid State Logic)

Solid State Logic will launch its SSL Live Bundles at Booth C9441. Featuring Dante and MADI-based systems optimized for touring, installed sound and church audio, SSL Live Bundles provide complete, cost-effective systems.

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The SSL Live production platform is flexible, with an almost infinite number of system configurations available. SSL Live Packs have been developed to provide complete systems optimized for touring, installed sound, and church audio. The new SSL Live Bundles, which are scalable to meet the end user’s production requirements and budget, deliver SSL Live’s legendary sound quality and processing tools, advanced routing and connectivity, (including remote control via TeamViewer) and SuperAnalogue Dante and MADI-based I/O in bundles suitable for all sizes of tour, event space or church. 

The QuickLink StudioPro in blue.

(Image credit: QuickLink)

QuickLink continues to expand into the North American market with wits inaugural presentation at InfoComm 2024 at Booth C9169. QuickLink will showcase QuickLink StudioPro, an easy-to-use 4K video production platform, delivering a true-to-life ultra-low latency production experience. 

With one-frame delay, QuickLink StudioPro ensures flawless synchronization between stage speakers and large projected screens or video walls for live presentations. StudioPro functions similarly to a video-based Microsoft PowerPoint. Each scene is like a slide, allowing users to add multiple layers, effortlessly switching between scenes to create amazing productions. Without StudioPro, creators face the inconvenience of extensive training on outdated systems, the financial burden of outsourcing to external companies, and lip synchronization issues.

intoPIX to Host Live IPMX Interoperability Demo

intoPIX to Host Live IPMX Interoperability Demo at InfoComm 2024.

(Image credit: intoPix)

intoPIX will host an exclusive live interoperability demonstration of the Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX) with multiple vendors and with the latest JPEG XS TDC profile made for Screen content. The demo will be held at the intoPIX Booth C8363, featuring networking equipment, hardware, and software running IPMX / SMPTE ST 2110. 

intoPix will showcase various elements of IPMX-enabled AV-over-IP workflows, including cameras, gateways, reference designs, and software apps, demonstrating the power of the latest JPEG XS advances, including JPEG XS High and new JPEG XS TDC profiles.

This demo will illustrate how different sources, such as the Panasonic Connect AW-UE160 PTZ (JPEG XS), Adeas + Nextera FPGA core with new intoPIX TicoXS FIP (JXS TDC) cores, and the intoPIX TitaniumShow App, can send streams to the intoPIX TitaniumViewer App via the NetGear AV GSM4212px IP Switch, maintaining perfect image quality with zero latency.

DirectOut unveils MAVEN and USB.IO 

DirectOut unveils MAVEN above.

(Image credit: DirectOut)

DirectOut will showcases two new additions at Booth C9464. MAVEN offers DirectOut’s powerful DSP engine in a compact 1RU platform, expanding the integration possibilities for sound engineers, system designers, and AV professionals, whether in a fixed location, or on the move.

MAVEN delivers the same power as the PRODIGY series and is fully compatible with the PRODIGY.MP, increasing flexibility while maintaining maximum reliability. MAVEN supports a variety of audio network formats including Dante, AVB/MILAN, RAVENNA/AES67 and SoundGrid. It is the perfect solution for live sound, installation, remote production, studio recording and broadcast.

Compatible with both PRODIGY and MAVEN platforms, USB.IO is the first DirectOut product developed in collaboration with RME. Based on the USB 3.0 core by RME and using their low-latency technology, the USB.IO benefits from high performance Windows and Mac drivers with unrivalled stability.

This USB-C module offers an impressive 128 channels I/O at standard sample rates (1FS), while the entire range from 44.1 kHz to 192 kHz is supported. Usable in Class Compliant mode, or with the RME drivers, the module expands usability into any USB-C computer or handheld device. An exciting feature that comes with RME’s drivers is the inclusion of TotalMix FX software, which offers an extensive range of mixing and routing options. The card extends DirectOut’s unique EARS technology into any DAW used on a connected computer, furthering the redundancy that engineers rely upon in high end venues across the globe.

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