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Extron Intros New Pro Half-Rack Amplifier

Extron XPA U 3502
(Image credit: Extron)

The What: Extron has introduced the XPA U 3502, a high-performance ENERGY STAR qualified audio power amplifier with two 350-watt channels into 8 ohms or 4 ohms in a 1U, half-rack device. 

The What Else: It is convection cooled, UL 2043 rated for plenum installation, and includes hardware for rack mount configurations. The XPA U 3502 offers the ability to install high-power amplification without using rack spaces for ventilation, conserving precious rack space. It features a highly efficient advanced Class D amplifier design with power factor correction, ultra-low inrush current, defeatable auto‑standby with fast wake up, and patented CDRS – Class D Ripple Suppression.

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"This much power in a half-rack amplifier is unprecedented,” said Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marking at Extron. "When combined with one of our half-rack DSP units, like the DMP 64 Plus, you now have the ability to deliver a very capable audio switching, DSP and amplification system in a single rack space."

The Bottom Line: All XPA Ultra amplifiers operate at an efficiency up to 77 percent, delivering more of its power for the speakers. Power not delivered is wasted as radiated heat, which causes further waste in higher cooling costs and energy requirements.

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