Videoconferencing Award-Winners: What the Judges Had to Say

Award-Winning Videoconferencing Solutions–Hear What the Judges Had to Say
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One of the more significant trends in 2022 and 2023 has been the emergence of videoconferencing solutions from veteran Pro AV companies that are new to the category, new brands jumping on the bandwagon, and a plethora of new products from companies rooted in unified communications. 

We thought it would be helpful to see a compilation of like-solutions in one place. In this article, AV Technology (AVT), Sound & Video Contractor (SVC), and Systems Contractor News (SCN) bring together award-winning video and audio solutions specifically engineered with videoconferencing in mind. Some are combination or “all-in-one” solutions, while others are separate cameras, microphones, speakers, displays, and solutions to help ensure the best collaboration experience. You can argue that most displays can be used as part of the meeting experience—which is true, but we decided to cover various categories separately. Watch for more award-winning categories in the coming weeks.

AVT, SVC, and SCN Awards

In June, AV Technology and Sound & Video Contractor announced the winners of the InfoComm Best of Show 2023, and Systems Contractor News announced the winners of its Installation Product Awards.

Manufacturers submitted products for judging, and not all companies making a videoconferencing product submitted. AVT and SVC hired AV industry experts as “phantom judges” to evaluate products on the InfoComm show floor, and we’ve included some excerpts from the judge’s comments. SCN readers voted on their favorite products within specific categories.

If you see the same product awarded by more than one publication, it is because products were evaluated by different judges or voted upon with specific benefits in mind for each reader-audience.

These are award-winning videoconferencing products, they were judged and voted upon based on individual merits and not against each other or bench tested.

AV Technology, Videoconferencing Award-Winners

Airtame | Share from Browser


(Image credit: Airtame)

Airtame’s Share from Browser feature democratizes screen sharing and hybrid collaboration. This feature gives users the ability to screen share or start a hybrid conference call from the web browser of their choice, without having to download or install any new applications. This is especially useful for first-time users such as guests and those who have restrictions from running software on their machines. With Share from Browser, users can share to an Airtame-powered display in seconds without wasting time with installations. Users simply use an Airtame pairing code displayed on their screen, and select if they want to share a browser tab, windows, or entire desktop.

What the Judge had to Say: “Ease of use rules the day with Airtame's Share from Browser. I was impressed with the demo and could see this value add finding its way into more education learning and social spaces where simplicity is valued above all else.”

Arthur Holm | DynamicCL

Arthur Holm

(Image credit: Arthur Holm)

Arthur Holm’s DynamicCL camera lift system has been designed to hide table VC cameras when not in use. These 360-degree table cameras often cover all the people at the table and are therefore typically located in the center of the table, but the DynamicCL allows the cable to retract with the camera, leaving the table free from obstructions. The camera lift has integrated camera power and a USB- C or USB-A cable for the camera feed to the laptop. The DynamicCL is also available without a retractable cable for fixed connectivity. The movements can be controlled remotely via RS422 or locally on the device.

What the Judge had to Say: “Very slick retraction solutions. Potential learning curve with installation but very well-designed product.”

ATEN Technology | VP2021

ATEN Technology

(Image credit: ATEN Technology)

ATEN Technology’s PresentON VP2021 is a wireless BYOD solution that enables anyone, including visitors, to easily share content from a laptop or mobile device so that participants can actively collaborate for enhanced and efficient workflows. It is ideal for both huddle spaces and large meeting spaces, and is flexible enough for corporate or education use.

The VP2021 features multi-view and audio-out capabilities, designed to increase content-sharing flexibility. It is equipped with USB touch-back and moderation mode functions, allowing presenters to easily control meetings. This solution also features Remote View so participants can immerse themselves in the presentation. PoE connectivity makes installation easy. 

What the Judge had to Say: “ATEN mastered the collaboration experience many years ago. This is another amazing device to make it even easier."

Barco | ClickShare CX-50 2nd Generation


(Image credit: Barco)

Barco’s ClickShare CX-50 2nd Generation is the premium ClickShare Conference with A++ ecolabel, designed to enable better decision-making and collaboration in high-impact meeting rooms. Thanks to dual-screen support, everyone gets an equal seat in the hybrid meeting, no matter if they join remotely or in-room.   

The supercharged model is simple, easy to use and makes everyone feel part of the conversation. It enables meeting room users to work the way they want and use the devices and video conferencing platforms they feel comfortable with; and it eliminates the need to figure out a room computer or display, or attach any cables.

What the Judge had to Say:Loved the auto-switching feature and XMS cloud for management of CS units. Native Teams and Zoom rooms.”

Clevertouch Technologies | UX Pro 2

Clevertouch Technologies

(Image credit: Clevertouch Technologies)

Clevertouch Technologies’ UX Pro 2 is an all-in-one solution designed to enhance collaboration in meeting rooms, auditoriums, reception areas, and break-out spaces. With its exceptional features and seamless integration capabilities, the UX Pro 2 sets a new standard for touchscreen user experience and versatility.

The UX Pro 2 boasts a range of unique and innovative features that elevate the user experience to extraordinary levels. Our patented High Precision Super Glide Touch technology ensures a remarkably fluid writing experience with no lag, whether using fingers, gloves, or the dual recognition stylus. The touchscreen effortlessly distinguishes between palm erase, finger touch, and stylus writing, eliminating the need for constant setting adjustments.

What the Judge had to Say: “Clevertouch has one of the best handwriting experiences when using an interactive display and the UX Pro 2 provides users a powerful platform to present and interact with content.”

Crestron | Flex Pods


(Image credit: Crestron)

Crestron’s Flex Pods are a new addition to the Crestron Flex platform, providing organizations with more choices in their microphone and speaker selections. Crestron Flex Pods deliver flexible, high-quality audio for hybrid meetings and are scalable across a wide range of spaces. Audio is a critical component of hybrid meetings; in-person participants must be able to hear remote participants clearly, while also ensuring their own audio is captured reliably. Crestron Flex Pods can be installed with a Crestron Flex system or AirMedia wireless presentation and conferencing kit, or stand alone to seamlessly integrate with other BYOD solutions.

What the Judge had to Say: “Crestron never releases a product without seeing what others do wrong and they drill down and perfect it. It is a natural progression / addition to their current Flex line. It is a simple connection that anyone can do and gets clear audio without the messy cables.”

DisplayNote | Omni Cable-Free Conferencing Solution


(Image credit: DisplayNote)

DisplayNote’s Omni Cable-Free Conferencing Solution is designed to transform the meeting room experience. A virtual USB cable lets you connect to a screen, camera, and mic, instantly. When launching a conference call on their preferred platform, users can now utilize the room’s hardware as it if it were their own.

The Omni is platform agnostic, so it works with all popular conferencing platforms. It also seamlessly connects a laptop to the meeting room equipment, so no more huddles around a single laptop; what’s on the laptop screen can now be seen on the large meeting room display.

What the Judge had to Say: “I liked how the camera can feed back into the user device while also sharing their screen. Installation seemed easy. Just install the software on the computer and device onto the network.”

ENCO Systems | enCaption5

ENCO Systems

(Image credit: ENCO Systems)

ENCO Systems’ enCaption5 is an AI-enhanced software that excels at helping audiences retain, comprehend, and engage with information presented in real time, with industry-leading speed and accuracy. enCaption makes presentations easy to follow and understand for both hard-of-hearing participants and within venues with limited audio coverage. ADA-compliant enCaption live captioning software has been the leading platform for automated closed captioning and speech-to-text translation in broadcast TV and radio for several years.

Accuracy improvement of up to 20 percent, with enhanced speaker detection for more seamless captioning of program material with multiple speakers, has been included in the latest version of enCaption5.

What the Judge had to Say: “This product has good value for its price. It provides a service that is missing as it can either connect to the cloud or be on-prem. Having the option makes this product great for IT teams looking at security.”

Epiphan Video | Connect


(Image credit: Epiphan)

Epiphan Video’s Connect turns Microsoft Teams meetings into a remote and hybrid video production asset. Add a Teams meeting URL to Epiphan Connect and producers are able to access isolated video and audio from each participant. These isolated assets are available via SRT and can be added to any SRT-enabled production tool for recording or streaming.

When Connect isolates Teams and Zoom video, it takes the highest quality available—up to 1080p, which is higher than a standard Teams call. And because this operation is entirely cloud-based, there's no strain on local hardware or networks to achieve higher quality.

What the Judge had to Say: “Epiphan Connect's ability to move beyond standard UC recording to produce higher quality and customizable content is such a value add as employees frequently miss meetings or may need to review meeting notes as part of their work.”

EPOS | IMPACT 1000 Headset


(Image credit: EPOS)

EPOS’ IMPACT 1000 Headset leverages industry-leading speech intelligibility technology. By harnessing machine learning technology, the IMPACT 1000 works to identify which sounds should be suppressed in a user’s environment and which sounds should be enhanced. Together, this first-of-its-kind solution addresses the challenges of modern work environments, empowering workers in open-plan offices to block out unwanted noises and create disturbance-free work experiences for both sides of a call.

EPOS machine learning technology scans user environments 32,000 times per second to suppress disruptive sounds, and enhances desirable audio to ensure only the relevant sounds slip through to the person the user is talking to.

What the Judge had to Say: “I had no idea what EPOS noise attenuation technology was until I tried on these headphones. Wow, this truly changes the way we focus on tasks and block out "noise" when it comes to privacy headphones. Noise cancelling has been around for a long time, but the EPOS is a game changer.”

FlatFrog Laboratories | TeamTablet

FlatFrog Laboratories

(Image credit: FlatFrog Laboratories)

FlatFrog Laboratories TeamTablet is the ultimate collaboration display that will redefine how your team works together. Prepare to be amazed by its exceptional industrial design and cutting-edge features. This 55-inch OLED touch display is set to revolutionize your meeting experience, from the CEO's office to the boardroom.

Experience seamless integration of content sharing, whiteboarding, and video conferencing with the innovative TeamTablet. Effortlessly share your laptop screen or specific files wirelessly with everyone in the meeting room, facilitating seamless collaboration and information exchange. The TeamTablet empowers you to work together effortlessly and share ideas in real-time with its hyper-responsive inking and built-in annotation capabilities.

What the Judge had to Say: “Very cool use of multiple sources on a single OLED display that is super simple.”

HP | Poly | Poly Studio X52 Video Bar

HP | Poly

(Image credit: HP | Poly)

The Poly Studio X52 is an all-in-one video bar with the latest, state-of-the-art AI-powered video technology to optimize mid-size enterprise meeting spaces. The new 20-megapixel camera, with a 95-degree field of view, reaches the farthest ends of the conference room, allowing each person to be seen clearly. The new camera removes any distortion in the field of view, enhancing the far-end experience as well. The Poly Studio X52 also utilizes Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology to give everyone an up-close view, or switch automatically as different people speak.

Audio innovations include NoiseBlockAI to block out distracting background noises that are not audible speech, and Acoustic Fence technology to remove sounds or conversations from outside the defined meeting zone.

What the Judge had to Say: “I was impressed with how well video quality held up even when I stepped far from the device and the AI camera close-ups framed appropriately. I also appreciate the quick installation option provided by the TV clamp.”

Huddly | Crew Multi-Camera System


(Image credit: Huddly)

Huddly’s Crew Multi-Camera System transforms ordinary video meetings into professional, studio-like productions, using insights from film and television. Powered by an AI director, Crew enables all participants to be clearly visible, and automatically adjusts the camera angles to include everyone. It is a game-changer for remote and hybrid work, addressing key challenges faced by organizations who are looking to eliminate meeting fatigue, enable remote work, and ensure platform compatibility. Collaboration across locations is made easier with the system's seamless integration with various video conferencing platforms. Furthermore, the Huddly L1 camera is certified for Microsoft Team Rooms, providing optimized video collaboration within that ecosystem.

What the Judge had to Say: “Huddly was first to the market with small form factor AI-driven auto-framing cameras. The new Huddy Crew builds on their high-quality hardware.”

IPEVO | TOTEM 360 Conference Camera and Speakerphone


(Image credit: IPEVO)

IPEVO’s TOTEM 360 Conference Camera and Speakerphone is a complete audio-visual solution, providing a seamlessly stitched 360-degree image from four cameras, sound from an all-around speaker, and capturing voices via an array of four beamforming microphones with AI noise reduction.

It utilizes four AI-enhanced video modes that are designed to remove the barriers of hybrid conferencing and learning. Users can cycle through them with a press of a button, without the need for any additional software. Based on the selected video mode, the AI tracking functionality identifies up to four active speakers, highlighting them in individual close-up or tracking their movement, making it easy for the audience to follow along.

What the Judge had to Say: “The Totem 360 brings more value than their 180-degree model and the beamforming microphones support the user experience.”

Jabra | PanaCast 50 AI-Powered Updates


(Image credit: Jabra)

Jabra’s PanaCast 50 AI-Powered Updates comprise a series of innovative upgrades to the PanaCast 50. Jabra’s collaboration with Microsoft unlocks a new era of inclusive and dynamic communication, as the PanaCast 50 will be the first intelligent front-of-the-room Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows (MTR-W) video bar to enable Copilot in Teams Rooms and IntelliFrame.

Hybrid meetings are also taken to the next level as the upgraded PanaCast 50 system comes equipped with Jabra Intelligent Meeting Space. The new feature allows customers to set a meeting room or space virtual boundary, so that people within the defined space are fully included, whereas people outside of the boundary are not inadvertently included.

What the Judge had to Say: “I can see much value of this product in higher education as it fits well with in their budget but also provides a great user experience. The AI built into the camera brings this camera to the next level. Installation is simple with three different mounting options. Even the mounting options are designed well and easy to use.”

Jupiter Systems | Pana X 120Hz 5K Pro Series

Jupiter Systems

(Image credit: Jupiter Systems)

Jupiter Systems’ Pana X 120Hz 5K Pro Series is the next generation of 5K ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio LCD displays from Jupiter Systems. The Pana X uses Quantum Dot Mini-LED technology, making it the most technologically advanced ultrawide LCD in the market.

Compared to our current generation of Pana displays, Pana X models comprise a range of sizes in thin-profile touch or non-touch 5K 120Hz LCDs, each with optically bonded, tempered, anti-glare, edge-to-edge glass; identical frame-less design; identical back; identical depth dimension; and identical ports at exact locations. The bezel-less, glass-to-edge, super-low-profile frames are ADA-compliant, with a 78mm total depth.

What the Judge had to Say: “The image is clear and very detailed on all of the sizes.”

Listen Technologies | ListenWIFI

Listen Technologies

(Image credit: Listen Technologies)

Listen Technologies’ ListenWIFI is the next generation of the Listen EVERYWHERE audio-over-Wi-Fi solution. ListenWIFI streams venue audio to smartphones through a free, customizable app or directly to new LWR-1050 receivers. When used with proper signage and neck loops, the new receivers make ListenWIFI compliant with ADA and international accessibility requirements. New ListenWIFI Beacons provide location-based audio for a fully automated and seamless user experience. Beacons are small units that can be mounted on a wall and transmit information to LWR-1050 receivers and smartphones running the ListenWIFI app. ListenWIFI is used for assistive listening, language interpretation, streaming video or TV audio, self-guided tours, and audio description.

What the Judge had to Say: “This product allows for ADA over a user's device and purchased devices. This will allow business to provided ADA listening to more users without increasing the cost or support.”

Lumens | AI-Box1 CamConnect Processor


(Image credit: Lumens)

Lumens’ AI-Box1 CamConnect Processor is a powerful voice-tracking processor for Lumens PTZ cameras. Supporting multiple cameras and microphone arrays, the AI-Box1 can transform the audio-visual experience within meeting spaces, lecture rooms, and conference suites. It supports up to four IP cameras, up to 16 multiple array microphones, PBP and 2 x 2 multiview output, and an AI algorithm for people tracking and center stage.

What the Judge had to Say: “If this does what it says it will, you can save quite a bit by using this device with cameras of your choosing. Great idea to help with auto tracking.”

MAXHUB | 105-inch Ultra-Wide Commercial Display


(Image credit: MAXHUB)

MAXHUB’s 105-inch Ultra-Wide Commercial Display panel allows users to deliver a rich video conferencing experience, engage participants, showcase more content, and address the challenges facing hybrid workforces. Create an engaging experience perfect for utilizing an extended display with integrated whiteboarding, smart sensors, and curated applications. Use the additional screen real estate to serve up new video layouts, increase engagement, and utilize applications specifically geared toward 21:9 screen ratio.

Owl Labs | Owl Bar

Owl Labs

(Image credit: Owl Labs)

Owl Labs’ Owl Bar is the first and only front-of-room camera on the market that works wirelessly with a 360-degree, center-of-the-room camera for a complete front-and-center video conferencing experience.

The Owl Bar pairs with the Meeting Owl (AI-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled, 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker) and Whiteboard Owl (dedicated camera that adds any in-room whiteboard to video conferences) to make hybrid meetings even more inclusive and immersive.

The Owl Labs ecosystem uses proprietary AI-powered software to automatically switch between cameras to capture the best view of in-room attendees, enabling more face-to-face interactions that feel like natural conversations between in-person and remote participants.

What the Judge had to Say: “For those who already have a sharp eye for quality and innovation will welcome the follow-up Owl Bar into their environments. We've used Owl in a number of rooms and I'm excited to now have a front camera option that can be switched using AI to provide the remote viewer the best of both room cameras. If you combine the Owl Bar with the whiteboard camera and the original 360 camera you have a super impressive user experience.”

Planar | UltraRes W Series Ultra-Wide-Format LCD Display


(Image credit: Planar)

Planar’s UltraRes W Series Ultra-Wide-Format LCD Display is optimized for next-generation collaboration for today’s modern hybrid workforce.

Building on the decade-long Planar UltraRes Series reputation, these commercial-grade displays have been successfully installed in secure conference rooms around the world. The Planar UltraRes W Series provides customers with a secure, 105-inch ultra-wide format display that is ideally sized to suit the most popular unified communications and video collaboration platforms including Microsoft Teams. The Planar UltraRes W Series also features brighter, wider color gamut panels with local dimming, and is available in both non-touch and optically bonded 50-point projected capacitive touch technology.

What the Judge had to Say: “There is just something visually satisfying when you view a 21:9 aspect ratio display and Planar's UltraRes W Series 105-inch display is impressive. Beyond the aspect ratio, the fact that these panels are built with the ability to support 24x7 use unlocks even more potential for integrating this 5K display into your environments. Planar was also thoughtful when they incorporated eyebolt rigging capability into the support structure which provides integrators and end users options during installation.”

Salamander Designs | Arc Table

Salamander Designs

(Image credit: Salamander Designs)

Salamander Designs’ Arc Table features a beautiful, functional curved shape to optimize today’s business hybrid collaboration for all participants, regardless of their location. Designed for use with modern meeting setups (like Microsoft’s Front Row), the Arc Table fosters more inclusive participation. Unlike traditional conference furniture with a rectangular table that’s tailored for face-to-face interaction, the Arc enables a modern room orientation with a semicircle shape that allows everyone to see each other and face the monitor with a similar distance from the camera. Many options are available to meet every enterprise space and need.

What the Judge had to Say: “The Salamander Designs Arc table is a beautiful focal piece for your collaboration studios. When you talk about intelligent design you find this in the intentionality of equal distance created from the camera to each participant which helps create parity in the room and the remote viewer. Overall, the build quality feels durable, and the various finishes are aesthetically pleasing. There are similar products on the market, but this was my favorite due to the quality of build and the potential to integrate wireless charging.”

Sennheiser | TeamConnect Bar Solutions


(Image credit: Sennheiser)

Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Bar Solutions delivers trusted Sennheiser audio quality to every meeting with the TC Bar S and TC Bar M. Designed to maximize meeting and collaboration spaces, the TC Bar will easily integrate with your favorite meeting platform and can be further enhanced with other compatible products. They feature some of the latest advances in meeting technology such as the 4K Ultra HD camera, which comes with AI-powered auto-framing and person tiling. The TC Bars enable remote participants to clearly see and hear everyone in the room, so even the smallest gestures and facial expressions are conveyed to increase meeting inclusion and engagement.

What the Judge had to Say: “I like how Sennheiser has jumped into the collaboration video bar field with their TeamConnect solution bringing their knowledge of pro audio to an all-in-one bar. This is a well packaged system and I find it helpful that you can use Dante streams with the system to unlock even more flexibility with audio routing. It’s also nice to be able to integrate a second camera via USB to provide even more options within your UC software suite.”

Shure | Microflex Advance MXA902


(Image credit: Shure)

Shure’s Microflex Advance MXA902 Ceiling Array Microphone is the world’s first conferencing ceiling array microphone with integrated loudspeaker and IntelliMix DSP for small- and medium-sized meeting rooms. For IT managers and AV professionals seeking reliable audio solutions that are easy to configure out of the box, the MXA902 delivers premium audio capture and reproduction with minimal setup required. The ceiling-mounted audio solution is complete with a state-of-the-art array microphone for enhanced directional voice capture and an integrated wide-dispersion loudspeaker for natural-sounding far-end speech. MXA902 is a bold new solution that delivers microphone, loudspeaker, and DSP technology in one device.

What the Judge had to Say: “The all-in-one design of Shure's MXA902 makes this a plug-and-play solution for the majority of your collaboration suites. Shure has always had exceptional audio performance in their Microflex line but the integration had previously been cumbersome. The new form factor and integrated microphone, speaker, amplifier, and DSP make this my new go-to for collaboration in small to mid-sized rooms.”

Sony | SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 4K PTZ Cameras


(Image credit: Sony)

Sony’s SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 PTZ Cameras, with built-in AI analytics, automatically and consistently track and naturally frame presenters, regardless of movement or posture, for seamless content creation and control—all without operating a computer. The new PTZ auto-framing technology features automatic operation for quick object tracking and rediscovery, as well as multiple auto-framing options. Highlights of the cameras include image quality with automation, the flexibility of IP, powerful zoom, remote control, and easy configuration and operation. They are ideal for use in education, corporate, medical, government, broadcast, and faith applications, as well as for live events.

What the Judge had to Say: “This camera did a great job of tracking to a presenter, even someone who would be walking around a larger platform or stage. The image overlayed in semi-transparency over a whiteboard to keep in-room and remote participants engaged.”

Vaddio | AV Bridge Nano


(Image credit: Vaddio)

Vaddio’s AV Bridge Nano is a compact and affordable AV-to-USB bridge, joining Vaddio's popular AV Bridge family. The AV Bridge Nano features a simple plug-and-play design that converts an HDMI source like a camera to a USB or IP stream. Ideal for conferencing, distance learning, or live streaming, the AV Bridge Nano enables users to connect with colleagues, students, or followers using their Pro AV equipment. Its compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go use, while its compatibility with popular software applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook and YouTube Live ensures easy integration into any streaming setup.

What the Judge had to Say: “The AV Bridge product line helped so many markets during the pandemic and seeing them bring to market a cost effective and small form factor option is exciting. While it lacks the features of its larger siblings the AV Bridge Nano meets a need and the quality of build won't be questioned.”

WolfVision | Cynap Videobar


(Image credit: WolfVision)

WolfVision’s Cynap Videobar is an all-in-one meeting room solution combining WolfVision Cynap wireless presentation and web conferencing technology, together with a 4K AI camera and beamforming array microphone, plus premium sound from audio specialists Fohhn. Natural speech is reproduced throughout the room, and extended low-frequency reproduction ensures excellent sound quality when playing back videos or music. Built-in BYOM web conferencing enables users to connect wirelessly and run hybrid meetings using any conferencing service from a laptop. Up to four devices can share content wirelessly on screen, and this content is also easily shared with remote colleagues during meetings.

What the Judge had to Say: “Similar to other products on the market that do the same thing, but this one stands out with its ability to do screen mirroring/casting without having to use any other gear/dongles. This makes for a clean and more professional installation. It is also easy to use and configure out of the box and it supports many of the most popular meeting apps around.”

Yealink | MeetingBoard


(Image credit: Yealink)

Yealink’s MeetingBoard Collaboration Display delivers an incomparable video conferencing experience and is suitable for all scenarios. To guarantee a meeting experience that ensures every participant has an equal seat, it includes top-class hardware and AI-enhanced algorithms. It features six speakers, a dual-camera system, a 4K touch display, and a 16-MEMS microphone array to provide an immersive audiovisual experience. It enables AI-powered features such as auto framing, speaker tracking, multi-focus framing, noise cancellation, and reverberation suppression. It allows seamless collaboration with Microsoft and Zoom's native whiteboard, providing a digital paper writing experience; and it is suitable for various deployment needs, with wall-mount or movable floor stand options.

What the Judge had to Say: “Have seen a lot of these types of displays and many have failed where this product seems to shine. One thing I find cool is the built in support for Microsoft and Zoom. Most of the users in my environment use both and this would be a plus. Might seem trivial but the microphone array is also an added benefit for users in the room and on the far end as far as audio quality is concerned. The ease of use and plug-and-play ability of this device makes this a top choice in my book.”

Zoom | Zoom Rooms Intelligent Director


(Image credit: Zoom)

The Zoom Rooms Intelligent Director by Zoom is a patent-pending feature that takes multiple camera streams and uses AI to choose the highest-quality image and best camera angle view of each person located in the room. Intelligent Director uses three cameras in a Zoom Room, helping participants to have a more engaging, face-to-face meeting.

Intelligent Director works for up to 16 individuals in a Zoom Room, and not only does the presenter get the best possible view, but so does everyone in the Zoom Room. Intelligent Director requires a Zoom Rooms license, a qualified Windows or Mac Zoom Rooms, three Zoom Rooms-compatible cameras, and one Zoom Rooms Controller.

What the Judge had to Say: “Achieving meeting parity is more important than ever as workforces continue to explore the value of maintaining a hybrid work environment. The Intelligent Director feature using a three-camera system to cover up to 16 individuals is appealing as this functionality was previously only achieved with room systems costing thousands of dollars. By adding this to your Zoom Room License you can continue to use the cameras of your choice further decreasing your cost to roll out this feature.”

Sound & Video Contractor, Videoconferencing Award-Winners

Airtame | Airtame Hub Hybrid Conferencing


(Image credit: Airtame)

Airtame Hub Hybrid Conferencing is a unique all-in-one screen sharing tool integrates digital signage and video conferencing solutions. It combines the quality and stability of traditional Rooms systems with the flexibility of bring-your-own meeting solutions. Features include the Share to Call functionality, which solves one of the biggest pain points experienced by users in hybrid meetings. Enabled by the Hub, Share to Call allows any person in a meeting room to instantly share their screen into a Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and soon, Google Meet and Webex, without the hassle of joining the call from a personal device—encouraging a hassle free, flexible communication experience. 

What the Judge had to Say: “While wireless sharing isn’t new, the value comes from ease of use especially for situations where the robustness of traditional wireless sharing features isn't required. It makes wireless sharing more accessible across a range of applications.”

Arthur Holm | DynamicMCS

Arthur Holm

(Image credit: Arthur Holm)

Arthur Holm's DynamicMCS is a combination of motorized HD-SDI video camera, microphone, and loudspeaker is designed to integrate into furniture to make videoconference as natural and comfortable as possible. Ideally these units serve individuals who each have their own camera placed at eye level to ensure a natural position for face-to-face collaboration, as well as a speaker and microphone for optimal sound. And—in the case of DynamicMCS, this enabling technology disappears into the table when not needed. The hybrid camera housing is built in steel and composite materials in a black, non-reflective finish. A touch button in the steel cover raises and lowers the camera, microphone and loudspeaker. The camera can be turned 45 degrees horizontally to each side (manually). DynamicMCS can also be remotely controlled via AHnet (RS-422), GPI or AHlink. 

What the Judge had to Say: “A beautiful product that solves a big need for hiding devices on the table and making room on the table, great image and design.”

Audio-Technica | Engineered Sound Wireless System


(Image credit: Audio-Technica)

Audio-Technica’s Engineered Sound Wireless System is a new 96-channel system was created in response to the increasing demand for wireless microphone solutions for video- and web-conferencing. This system is a DECT-based wireless solution that addresses many challenges of conventional wireless microphones, such as frequency coordination and the limited number of available microphone channels. Innovations include all-day battery life, customization by application with a Dante-enabled receiver and choice of four transmitters for bodypack, handheld, boundary, or desk stand, with matching charging stations for each. PoE, Wireless Manager software, AES256 standard, and simple scaling contribute to the practicality of the system. 

What the Judge had to Say: “Simple charging (and a 16-hour charge at that) make the system conform to the user’s needs instead of the other way around.”

Aurora Multimedia | SKR-22T-XFR Ceiling Speaker

Aurora Multimedia

(Image credit: Aurora Multimedia)

Aurora Multimedia's SKR-22T-XFR Ceiling Speaker is an affordable lightweight high-fidelity ceiling speaker reproduces a 180-degree sound field, allowing the use of only one speaker in a room for mono operation. Installation is quick, less costly, and less messy as there is no cutting of ceiling tiles or back boxes to mount. Just drop the tile into a 2x2 ceiling grid and connect the speaker. For 4x2 ceiling grids, all that is required is to cut the tile in half and add a standard ceiling divider. A compatible 25-watt PoE+ Dante amplifier using the Aurora DTX-AMP25-M can further complete the room audio solution. The DTX-AMP25-M can also take Line in for analog systems as well. 

What the Judge had to Say: “These drop-in speakers are such a time saver for field installation teams. Sound quality was good, and the ability to work off Dante amps is equally as important.”

AVer | PTZ310UNV2 4K AI NDI PTZ Camera


(Image credit: AVer)

AVer' PTZ310UNV2 4K AI NDI PTZ Camera is designed to be the world’s first UHD NDI HX3 camera. It features 4K resolution, 12X optical zoom and 8MP pictures with 60fps. Designed for broadcasting and streaming, it has reduced latency with less than 100ms while only utilizing a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI high bandwidth. The PTZ310UNV2 enables simultaneous output at 4Kp60 with HDMI/NDI/IP and features built-in AI functions, like SmartShoot. It optimizes camera controls for automatic content capturing between present areas and the ability to create a multi-camera feel across preset zones. Framing technology instantly adjusts the field of view (FOV) to capture multiple people, fit everyone on-screen, and easily record presentations, lectures, and more. With Zoom and Microsoft Teams video mode and NDAA and TAA compliance.

What the Judge had to Say: “A great product offering as we are clearly seeing a shift and need for smart PTZ video cameras.”

Canon | Add-On Applications System for PTZ Cameras


(Image credit: Canon)

Canon's Add-On Applications System for PTZ Cameras is a unique add-on applications for PTZ remote cameras are available for the CR-N300, CR-N400, and CR-X300 through a firmware update, and is designed to provide access to new paid video production features like auto tracking and auto loop. The applications run from within the camera itself, instead of requiring external devices to operate functions like auto tracking.

What the Judge had to Say: “From the folks that make some of the best digital photography cameras we now see their superb optics in a remote controlled PTZ video camera. The auto-track add on especially make it well suited for classroom applications.”

Crestron | Videobar 70


(Image credit: Crestron)

Crestron’s Videobar 70 is the first all-in-one collaboration bar from Crestron, extending the options available in the Crestron Flex portfolio. Combining intelligent video, high-quality audio, with an advanced Android-based platform into a single form factor, Crestron Videobar 70 makes it easy to add engaging and productive hybrid meetings to your medium and large spaces. Specialized microphone arrays are built into the bar to accurately detect where the audio is coming from, both in distance and direction, for accurate speaker tracking. Beamforming microphones cover a wider frequency range, providing better noise-reduction than a normal array design and increased speech perception. The simple-to-deploy form factor includes built-in UC computing and intelligent features that capture participants vividly. Four high-quality cameras work together to intelligently crop, even at 30 feet. Crestron Videobar 70 is native on Microsoft Teams platform or Zoom software with no extra computing needed.

What the Judge had to Say: “Shutter, indicator lights and install is great. Quality of image is good.”

Epiphan Video | Connect


(Image credit: Epiphan)

Epiphan Connect turns Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings into a remote and hybrid video production asset. Add a Teams meeting URL and producers can access isolated video and audio from each participant. These isolated assets are available via SRT and can be added to any SRT-enabled production tool for recording or streaming. This provides a better than standard Teams resolution, up to 1080p with a cloud-based infrastructure that does not strain local hardware or networks. Screenshare is acquired through SRT, allowing any participant to share their screen without disrupting the production's layouts. Plus, participants can see how they look within the finished production through a virtual confidence monitor. An SRT return feed enabled in the admin panel activates the monitor and helps guests hit their cues. Judges called it a game-changer for recording and producing unified communications calls and a fair tradeoff for having to layer hardware and software.

What the Judge had to Say: “The persistent screen share is a great add as is the virtual confidence monitor.”

MAXHUB | 105-inch Ultra-Wide Commercial Display


(Image credit: MAXHUB)

MAXHUB’s Ultra-wide 105-inch display panel allows users to deliver a rich video conferencing experience, engage participants, showcase more content, and address the challenges facing hybrid workforces. It creates an engaging experience for utilizing an extended display with integrated whiteboarding, smart sensors, and curated applications. The additional screen real estate supports new video layouts, increased engagement, and applications specifically geared toward 21:9 screen ratio.

What the Judge had to Say: “Great product for entry into 21:9 displays.”

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Avocor | CollabTouch


(Image credit: Avocor)

Avocor’s CollabTouch fuses the interactive power of Avocor E and G Series displays with the collaborative strength of Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. Logitech’s all-in-one video bars easily connect to the Avocor display via a proprietary, unified cable, including HDMI, USB, and Ethernet connectivity, and mount to the CollabTouch display. The solution supports all popular UC platforms.

The result is an all-in-one technology solution that delivers equitable, interactive, virtual meeting experiences regardless of room size. And, because CollabTouch is powered by a single cable, the solution can be easily deployed in a wide range of spaces.

Bose Professional | Videobar VB-S

Bose Professional

(Image credit: Bose Professional)

Bose’s Videobar VB-S is a compact, all-in-one USB conferencing device that’s easy to install and brings premium audio and video to rooms up to 10-by-10 feet (3-by-3m). With four beam-steering microphones, a 4K ultra-HD camera, and signature Bose sound, VB-S delivers a meeting experience so clear you can read the room from across the globe. The Bose VB-S works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and more, bringing enhanced video and audio performance to popular unified communications platforms. The Bose VB-S makes meeting rooms easy. 


Shure | Microflex Advance MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone


(Image credit: Shure)

Shure’s Microflex Advance MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone ushers in a new era of networked microphones with Automatic Coverage technology that enables pre-configured audio capture with minimal set-up required. The MXA920 employs Next Generation Array Architecture for enhanced directional pickup and more natural speech. Onboard IntelliMix DSP delivers noise and echo-free performance with unprecedented audio clarity and intelligibility for AV conferencing across room types. The Microflex Ecosystem, including MXA920, can be customized and integrated with third-party AV equipment and control systems and is certified for use with popular collaboration platforms. Audio quality is crucial to effective collaboration in a hybrid setting.

Vaddio|EasyIP CeilingMIC/AMP D


(Image credit: Vaddio)

Vaddio’s EasyIP CeilingMIC/AMP D is an in-ceiling audio solution with an overhead microphone and a built-in speaker amplifier, both featuring Dante networked audio. The EasyIP CeilingMIC/AMP D features a PoE+ network connection, an overhead microphone, and one powered speaker output making it a convenient and cost-effective 2-in-1 solution for incorporating a microphone and a passive speaker with an EasyIP or Dante audio system.  With full 360-degree pickup coverage, one EasyIP CeilingMIC/AMP D provides excellent coverage for an average size meeting room table. Centrally manage microphone routing and system configuration with free Dante Controller software.


Airtame | Airtame Hub Hybrid Conferencing


(Image credit: Airtame)

Airtame’s Share from Browser feature democratizes screen sharing and hybrid collaboration. This feature gives users the ability to screen share or start a hybrid conference call from the web browser of their choice, without having to download or install any new applications. This is especially useful for first-time users such as guests and those who have restrictions from running software on their machines. With Share from Browser, users can share to an Airtame-powered display in seconds without wasting time with installations. Users simply use an Airtame pairing code displayed on their screen, and select if they want to share a browser tab, windows, or entire desktop.


Middle Atlantic | Forum Collaboration Suite

Middle Atlantic

(Image credit: Middle Atlantic)

Middle Atlantic’s Forum Collaboration Suite, will maximize the flexibility for hybrid video conferencing spaces. A new, wider display stand will support 75- to 100-inch displays in addition to the original 42- to 75-inch range. A dual display option will be added for two displays up to 75 inches that includes a third equipment bay for small device storage. Forum Display Stands will also support 21:9 ultra-wide displays to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams Front Row layouts. The Forum Rectangle Table is perfect for meetings with mostly remote attendees while maintaining meeting equity for those participating in-person. To make installation easier, Middle Atlantic is adding flexibility to the acoustic felt shroud for optimal aesthetics and audio.

ViewSonic|ViewBoard IFP105S-5K Interactive Display


(Image credit: ViewSonic)

The ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP105S is a105-inch, 21:9 ultra-wide interactive display with native 5K resolution. Built for seamless functionality in corporate spaces, the IFP105S offers an immersive sharing solution. The display offers effortless and instant presentation efficiency with its 21:9 aspect ratio, dual-pen 40-point touch, wireless content sharing with multiple split screens and 2-way touch interactivity support.

The ViewBoard IFP105S comes with multiple connectivity options including USB-C with 65W of charging, HDMI, DisplayPort, and RS232. It features built-in 2.1 speakers and an 8-element microphone. The display is designed to work with most video conference programs that support a 21:9 aspect ratios.


Crestron Electronics | Crestron Sightline


(Image credit: Crestron)

Crestron’s Sightline creates meeting equity, natural conversations, and enhanced collaboration between remote and in-person employees. By using core Crestron platforms, the Sightline experience is able to track and frame active in-person speakers for remote participants to see clearly. With Crestron Sightline, you are able to focus on who is speaking and fully engage with everyone. The algorithm cuts between speakers and frames them automatically, following the natural ebb and flow of meeting conversations without camera operators. By keying in on individual speakers, the camera, display, and audio solutions, working in concert, increase engagement and lessen fatigue.


Chief | Voyager Mobile Cart (LSCU)


(Image credit: Chief)

Chief's Voyager is a compact mobile display solution to support flexible conferencing and collaboration in workspaces and digital signage. Built-in cable management and small device storage create quick and attractive AV installations. Sleek handles promote accessibility and effortless movement. 

Camera and speaker mounts integrate with a wide range of conferencing and collaboration technologies from Vaddio, Logitech, Poly, Google, and others to support meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and more. The slim footprint of Voyager invites users to easily step up to interactive displays and move freely around the cart. Future proof your conference room with an adaptable mobile cart compatible with a wide range of flat panel TVs.

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