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Power conditioning products

When it comes to maximizing the potential of your systems, there’s a simple place to start: power. Today’s power conditioning solutions do so much more than just protect your deployments from surges and ensure peak performance from your high-end gear. Especially in these times, when staff isn’t always available to assess technical difficulties, the ability to perform a remote reboot from anywhere can be indispensable. 

We’ve gathered a selection of the newest products from top brands that can elevate the foundation of even the most sophisticated systems. 

Furman Elite 15 PFi

Furman Elite 15 PFi

(Image credit: Furman)

For over 40 years, Furman has developed AC power products for the most demanding audio, video, and broadcast professionals. Though the need for pristine AC power is nothing new, the Elite-15 Power Factor i's technology and its unique implementation are certainly groundbreaking.

The extreme AC demands encountered in the professional audio-video arena have required technological developments far in excess of typical home theater/audiophile power products. In studios, live sound, and broadcast facilities, breakdown is unacceptable. Equipment failure or poor performance is costly.

Today's power lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to a power outlet, AC noise couples into your system's critical components. This AC noise masks low-level signals and cripples performance. This low-level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video. With Furman's Linear Filtering Technology, televisions, projectors, media players, amplifiers, and processors are fed by linearly filtered AC power. This dramatically reduces noise, ensuring consistent peak operation regardless of load conditions or the time of day.

Middle Atlantic Products RackLink

(Image credit: Middle Atlantic Products)

A quality AV experience depends first and foremost on being able to keep all AV systems up and running. It’s no secret digital devices freeze. So often the solution is simply a hard power reset. With Middle Atlantic’s RackLink, users can remotely turn an outlet on and off from a computer, mobile device, control system, or cloud service without physically going on site. RackLink also allows for continuous monitoring and logging of all power and environmental events within a system and will even let you know if things don’t seem right via text or email alerts. 

Occasionally, the longevity of your AV System hinges on elements outside of your control like heat and humidity. The Premium+ PDU with RackLink has a sensor option that monitors temperature and humidity, and it is possible to connect up to 32 individual sensors to monitor temperature and humidity throughout an entire system. RackLink also features a multiple IP autoping recovery technology for optimal system performance by constantly checking for an internet network connection and rebooting the outlet automatically if the network connection is down.

Panamax VT1512-IP

Panamax VT1512-IP

(Image credit: Panamax)

The Panamax VT1512-IP is a BlueBOLT-enabled, slim-form-factor, vertical-rack power conditioner and power sequencer. The VT1512-IP is a full-featured power conditioner providing protection and filtration for maximum longevity and performance of connected equipment. The VT1512-IP allows remote reboot of 12 individually controlled outlets, as well as the ability to monitor energy use, set alerts, program scheduled commands, and network pings with conditioner reboots. For non-cloud applications, the VT1512-IP has an embedded webpage for control and programming, or you can use a LAN for secure control via an ELAN or other third-party control systems.

Panamax remote management is designed to help technology managers be more efficient, cost effective, and proactive, which increases value to customers while increasing profitability. Tech managers are able to manage their install locations from anywhere in the world. Being able to reboot locked up devices that are on the network is an opportunity to better serve clients, as well as a possible opportunity for re-occurring revenue. The ability to monitor the integrity of the power and ping devices on a network and tie that into a conditional reboot is invaluable for tech managers.

RoseWater SB20

RoseWater SB20

(Image credit: RoseWater)

Power is the foundation for all that we do—especially in mission-critical applications. RoseWater’s SB20 Energy Management system (the Hub) ensures critical systems never go down and integrated products are always protected.

The Hub combines industrial-grade energy management tools into one platform that provides power conditioning at a 120V/60Hz sine wave 100 percent of the time. This level of power conditioning means that the microprocessor-laden products installed will operate at peak performance and last longer. The integrated UPS has a zero transfer time with a robust battery backup (28kWH minimum) to ensure mission-critical applications will ride out any power failures. The Hub can take two direct lightning hits and still operate to specs, although those affected varistors will need replacement. 

In most instances, users will only be aware of any power anomaly occurrences when reviewing the online logs or looking directly at the Hub’s video panel. With remote management, tech managers are notified if there is an issue or outage. The remote management portal allows you to see the power quality on the input side, view battery run time, and manage/shed critical loads with instantaneous load recalculation.

The SB20 offers an integration solution in one pre-assembled, configured, industrial-grade platform. RoseWater works with tech managers to correctly spec the right-sized Hub, which is installed by RoseWater’s national installation team. 

Tech managers will have peace of mind knowing that the control room, ERP, security systems, medical applications, or other mission-critical system is safe with RoseWater’s SB20 at the foundation. 

SurgeX Squid

SurgeX Squid

(Image credit: SurgeX)

SurgeX Squid is designed to eliminate the need for integrators to install multiple products to build a proper power foundation for AV systems. Squid features an array of power quality features into a single compact chassis, combining both AC and DC outlets with advanced surge protection, power conditioning, power management, and analytical software. With its compact yet multifaceted form factor, Squid can streamline support with a flexible and complete power management solution well suited for any AV installation.

Squid’s remote monitoring and predictive analytics features take the guesswork out of protecting and conditioning electrical systems. Squid actively monitors all incoming power and the health of connected equipment, providing tech managers with a detailed report of potential issues. Then, technicians can remotely diagnose and resolve issues remotely without the end user ever knowing there was an issue. Squid comes equipped with preventative maintenance capabilities such as automatic reboots of connected equipment to keep systems online. This reduces overall system downtime and potential customer service calls, and off-site monitoring triggers allow technology managers to resolve many of the issues that would normally require a site visit, which is especially valuable in today’s remote landscape.  

Squid is the first SurgeX product that works globally, regardless of voltage requirements, allowing tech managers of international companies to spec the same product into offices worldwide. With the space-saving design, preventive maintenance, and power protection capabilities of Squid, end users can be assured that their system is always ready when they need it most. 

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