PSNI PVP Update: Winsted

Brent Leimer, Winsted

Brent Leimer

Ahead of  the 2020 PSNI Global Evolve Marketing Summit, we sat down with the organization's Preferred Vendor Partners to hear about their latest offerings for integrators.

Interview with Brent Leimer, Marketing Manager, Winsted.

AVN: Tell us about your latest product.

BRENT LEIMER: Winsted’s new protective operator partition is an effective, easy-to-install solution that creates a physical barrier between operators in control rooms and operations centers. The partitions define the personal workspace and reinforce social distancing. These partitions are a high-quality original equipment solution that can be easily repositioned as needed. 

Winsted COVID-19 Partition for control rooms

Winsted COVID-19 Partition (Image credit: Winsted)

The protective operator partitions feature the following benefits: 

  • Extended height and depth for extra protection
  • Easy-to-clean acrylic partition
  • Temporary or permanent installation options
  • Clear or frosted surface
  • Smooth bullnosed edges
  • Radius corners 

Winsted operator partitions conform to OSHA 3990-03 guidelines on preparing workplaces for COVID-19. According to OSHA guidelines, engineering controls must include the installation of physical barriers, such as clear plastic guards. Winsted’s new protective operator partitions will help control room operators meet these required standards. 

AVN: What resources are available to your integrators to market their business?

BL: We are always very excited to partner with our integrators. We can provide equipment for demo rooms, trade shows, and other events. We can also team up with an integrator to create co-branded brochures and other coordinated marketing initiatives. 

All integrators can download our free WELS control room design software, which is easy to use and can help with managing multiple projects. 

AVN: How can integrators partner with you on case studies?

BL: We really like doing case studies. If an integrator has a signature installation featuring Winsted products, we are always interested in working with them to produce a mutually beneficial piece. We can provide financial support and content creation.  

AVN: How is your company dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

BL: The well-being, health and safety of people remains Winsted’s top priority. We are doing everything we can to keep our employees, partners, and communities safe while we continue to support our customers.

We are fully operational with our supply chain intact. We expect no unusual disruptions in customer service, order processing, shipping, or delivery. We communicate regularly with our suppliers to get updated status information in case we need to inform our customers of any changes.

We recognize that some of our customers may choose to restrict access to work locations for onsite assemblies and installations. When necessary, we will work diligently with all interested parties to adjust project completion dates in this ever-changing environment.

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Megan A. Dutta

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