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COVID-19 Video Chat
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We are all a part of a big team in the AV industry. We each have different roles and responsibilities, but we need to work together to move the proverbial needle. During this trying time, I can't help but wonder if we're working to take care of ourselves and each other.

With one of the biggest events of the year—InfoComm 2020—cancelled, now is the perfect time for all of us to check in with our industry teammates. 

Who are your teammates? It could be friends, customers, colleagues, vendors, or clients. Let’s make sure that everybody is safe and looked after. Putting yourself in touch with an old friend and teammate is a win-win for both the caller and the recipient.

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Taking care of our industry teammates means ensuring their entire family is doing well and staying safe. Here are some healthy living tips for AV professionals during this difficult time. 

Tips for Self Care

  • Avoid excessive exposure to COVID-19 media coverage.
  • Connect through calls, texts, social media, video chats, etc.
  • Set aside some extra time each day for stress relief.
  • Focus on your mental health.
  • Get plenty of exercise.
  • Try not to overeat or overindulge in adult beverages. 

Tips for Your Children or Grandchildren

  • Reassure children that they are safe.
  • Let them speak openly about their fears.
  • Teach them your own coping skills.
  • Limit their exposure to news—you can catch them up with a kid-friendly explanation.
  • Create a routine and stick to it.

Things to Do in Isolation

  • Keep in contact with your loved ones. ·       
  • Create a daily self-care routine.
  • When are you ever going to have this time at home again? Do those home improvements projects that have been on hold. · 
  • Keep yourself busy.·       
  • Don’t get worked up—learn and use relaxation techniques.

Be Safe and Remain Hopeful

Once we have moved on from the pandemic, the industry will adapt. Continue to keep in touch with your teammates. I’m sure that the industry’s regularly scheduling programming will be soon back to normal. Meanwhile, please stay safe and be hopeful.

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Aaron Udler, CTS

Aaron Udler, CTS is the CEO of OfficePro, a post-UC end-user training and adoption company.  Udler started in the AV industry in 2007 when he joined InfoComm as an exhibits sales manager.  He left in 2013 to take the helm at OfficePro. Udler holds an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business (Duke University) and can be reached at