Powersoft to Debut New Installation Products, OEM Modules at InfoComm

Powersoft to Debut New Installation Products, OEM Modules at InfoComm

Powersoft (booth 5871) will demonstrate several of its new technologies for installation and OEM applications at InfoComm 2017, including the United States debut of the company’s Quattrocanali amplifier platforms for installation and MiniMod 4 and LiteMod 4HC modules.

QuattroCanali by Powersoft

At InfoComm 2017, Powersoft will also unveil the latest iteration of its latest Armonìa Pro Audio Suite software, Armonìa v2.10. The updated software, which is now fully integrated with Rational Acoustic Smaart v8, hosts a new interactive tuning plugin and delivers array of features designed to improve efficiency. Among these are offline manipulation of settings such as gain, polarity, delay, sum, average, merge, and many others.

In the realm of training and development, Powersoft will also offer a Renewal Unit (RU)-granting course titled “How to Optimize Fixed Install Design Using DSP in Class D Amplifiers,” which is available for pre-registration now by visiting this registration link.

The Powersoft InfoComm booth provides an opportunity for industry professionals to gain insight on the features of Powersoft products. This year, four dedicated zones, dedicated to amplifier modules, M-Force, installation, and Deva, will surround a hospitality and bar area.

Powersoft will conduct face-to-face sessions at two demo areas at the booth: one of which will be designated for OEM products and the other for installation lines. Staff-led demonstrations will offer training in some of the remote control capabilities of Armonía Pro Audio Suite in installation settings, including Quattrocanali remote GPI/VCA with small speakers, the X series web app, and third-party remote control with QSC, Crestron, and Xilica speakers. OEM-directed demos will delve into the Armonia ProManager software, touching upon installation processes, creation of custom models, and integration with Armonía.

Powersoft’s Quattrocanali four-channel Class D amplifiers will be making their U.S. debut at this year's InfoComm booth. Quattrocanali is designed to provide installation designers with a new option for where space comes at a premium but top-notch performance is a requirement. Three models will be available ranging from 300-1,200 watts per channel, and rounding out Powersoft’s two-channel Duecanali and eight-channel Ottocanali offerings.

The MiniMod 4 and LiteMod 4HC modules will also make their U.S. debut. MiniMod 4 is an integrated module offering universal mains switching mode power supply with Power Factor Correction and a total of 600W of audio amplification. Configurable as four, three, two channels, or a single high-power output channel, it is a versatile and compact solution for low power applications.

Like the MiniMod 4, LiteMod 4HC is a versatile module packing 2,400 watts of power across four output stages while remaining compact. It can be configured for four, three, two, or single-channel output, and is well suited for high channel-count applications, three- and two-way systems, subwoofers, and satellite systems.

Powersoft will also introduce the new DEVA app, which allows increased control of Deva multimedia units. Through an iPad, attendees can interact with units programmed for informational, entertainmen, and safety services. Attendees will be guided through using the app to monitor individual DEVA units in a zone, access zone details, and perform actions such as playback, all remotely.

“We are excited to have the U.S. debut of some of our latest offerings for the installation and OEM sectors take place at InfoComm 2017 this year,” said Francesco Fannichi, brand and communication director, Powersoft. “Quattrocanali completes our oft-specified series of efficient, powerful, and great-sounding amplifiers for install applications in an elegantly compact package, while our new MiniMod 4 and LiteMod 4HC OEM modules enable exciting possibilities for powered speaker design. We are also excited to continue our tradition of providing high-value training opportunities for InfoComm attendees with both our credited training session and booth demonstration programs.”

Powersoft will provide InfoComm attendees with an opportunity to earn certification renewal credits while learning how to design and specify fixed install systems using DSP integrated Class D power amplifiers. The on-site training session will be hosted by Powersoft’s Marc Kocks, business development manager, fixed install. Those participating in the course will earn 1.5 RUs toward their InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) credential and a Certificate of Completion.

Kocks will guide attendees through crest factor calculation as it pertains to system performance, delve into the capabilities of Powersoft’s Class D amplifiers, and discuss DSP processing featured on Powersoft’s X series and DSP+D amplifiers. The session will culminate in a walkthrough of the system design process with the aid of tools designed to optimize system performance.

Session registration is required and is now open on a first-come, first-served basis for trade show registrants. To sign up, visit this link and navigate to course MT61.

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