Jensen Transformers ISO-MAX CI-RJ2R-T and CI-RJ2R-R Converters

Jensen Transformers is showcasing the latest product in its series of ISO-MAX ground isolator products, the CI-RJ2R, an analog audio to Cat-5/Cat-6 back to analog audio converter.

Running unbalance line level audio over Cat-5/Cat-6 cables is a widely used practice in the commercial A/V market today; however, installers have been forced to use products based upon low cost/low performing baluns or cheap audio transformers. Baluns offer no high frequency isolation, and miniature, low cost audio transformers can seriously degrade the signal quality. Jensen looks to solve this problem by creating a transmitter/receiver combination that maintains true high-performance signal quality throughout the conversion process. The transmitter takes in the audio on a pair of RCA jacks and outputs the signal on a RJ45 jack. At the receive end of the Cat-5/Cat-6, the signal is reconnected to the RCA output jacks through the same high-performance audio transformers that are found in the award winning model CI-2RR. The Jensen audio transformers inside the receiver provide complete isolation and immunity from hum, buzz, and noise caused by ground loops, while maintaining the highest audio quality demanded by the installer’s customer.

Using this new ISO-MAX transmitter/receiver pair offers advantages over other commercially available, inexpensive audio to Cat-5 products, according to Jensen Transformers GM Dave Hill. "Our newest ISO-MAX offers audio installation professionals a high performance solution when confronted with having to send audio over long cables, with the added benefit of preventing unexpected ground loops that cause both hum and buzz."

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