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Network is King

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The first day of InfoComm 2015 is in the bag, and after a busy of running around the show floor, I’ve come to the decision that the network is still king. No matter what booth you happen to wander into, you’re bound to find something that sits on the network or can be connected via category cable. It seems that the industry is finally fully embracing that the future of our businesses (possibly even our industry's very survival) will rely on the IT infrastructure.

With yesterday’s big news from AMX that they have obtained SVSI, another big player has added a company and product line to their arsenal that extends their offerings heavily into the world of network-based products. What makes this move so exciting is how SVSI has taken the approach to allow their products to sit natively on the network and work with existing network infrastructure (using the de facto standard Layer 3 switches found in most corporate environments) to provide full resolution HD switching over the network. With almost every other manufacturer showing some form of video over IP or some form of network-based video solution, it has gotten to the point of network video becoming your standard form of transmission with the exception of some IMAG and professional video situations.

As you walk around, you are going to find digital signage solutions not only in the digital signage manufacturer's booths, but also in most other booths as well. Many of the digital signage platforms have been on the network for a few years now but you are now seeing additional and extended services that are based in the realm of Digital Signage. Network based integrated wayfinding from companies like AskCody, which we saw built into a PeerlessAV outdoor touchscreen pedestal display, allows you to utilize wayfinding with a combination of local network and your mobile device to arrive at your destination. We’re also finding a plethora of cloud-based management tools and many integrated network applications that control point of sale signage products for every level of application.

Everyone seems to be finally catching onto the network as a viable transport method, and I’ve yet to have a conversation about network based transport that concluded with the “but” moment that I’ve experience so often in the past to remind the attendee that there were significant limitations with utilizing and leveraging existing network infrastructure to enhance and deploy large scale audio video systems.

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Matt D. Scott is president of OMEGA Audio Video, in London, Ontario, Canada.


Day Two of InfoComm 2012

Well, Day 2 at Infocomm 2012 has streamed past us like a geek rolling through the trade show floor on a segway. Yeah I saw one rolling strong today, not sure if that makes him really amazing or really 2006 but after my 4 mile walk last night for dinner... maybe not such a bad idea. But back to the reason we’re all hanging out in Vegas, in this crazy heat: to get up close and personal with some really cool technology.

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LED & OLED Fruition

Having now had the chance to walk the show floor quite a lot (personally, I’ve been over 22K steps since Wednesday) this year’s InfoComm is looking to have been quite the success. We’re finally seeing all the possibilities that have been promised to us for year in real life and shipping for immediate consumption.

Day One of InfoComm 2012

InfoComm 2012 has begun. Las Vegas is teeming with excitement, as some 30,000+ AV professionals fill the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Centre. As I arrived late tuesday night, I was not able explore the floor under construction but from my twitter feed alone, you know the exhibitors and attendees were ready to roll, excited for the floor to open.

Day Three of InfoComm 2012

Since yesterday streamed past us like a geek on a segway, I was kinda expecting Friday to be crazy. Full of, oh I don’t know... more geeks on segways or something epically superior to the wonderfulness that was Thursday at InfoComm. Well, that really didn’t happen. I couldn’t find a segway for anything. And I looked too! What I did find on Day Three at InfoComm was a lot of tired attendees and tired exhibitors.

InfoComm Delivers Packed Aisles and Much Awaited Products

Keeping with the East coast to West coast rotation, this year InfoComm is back in the land of oppressive air temperatures and bright lights.  In lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, thousands upon thousands of AV Professionals have once again flocked to the Las Vegas Convention Centre to see the latest and greatest technology to be announced at the show. 

Matt D. Scott

The Art of the Deal

I remember back in the heyday of consumer confidence where everyone was extremely liberal with their pocketbooks. You would sit down with your client after doing your walkthrough, go over the system options, and just throw out a number, say $50K, for that brand new office build out. You'd cover the presentation system in the boardroom, audio throughout the building, a network backbone that will support the early days of videoconferencing to China, you'd control the whole place and have it done at your scheduling discretion because... yes, you were that busy.

Matt D. Scott

What's Your Follow Up?

Unless you are strictly a consultant in this AV world of ours, you probably sell some gear. Albeit with your margins getting thinner, you might be thinking about getting a nice little consulting gig. But hey, where's the fun in that?