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As technology evolves outside the classroom, the devices teachers use inside the classroom stand to change over time, as well — and perhaps dramatically. The popularization of 3-D printing, for example, could revolutionize tactile learning methods from pre-K all the way through college. However, both how and why to use technology in education transcend the tools themselves. 

The "Tech for Teachers" guide explores the numerous technological resources available to educators today, from interactive whiteboards and clickers to tablets and apps. It also includes best practices, guidance, tips, information, and resources from professionals with years of experience incorporating technology into lesson plans at all educational levels.

Our tag line is "Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow" as we believe teachers are among the most influential group of leaders, especially for youth, in communities across the country.

Download the Guidebook Series, "Education Technology Tools Guide," here.

Dan Schuessler is the co-founder of My Teaching Degree.


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For many technology managers, late October’s Hurricane Sandy was a wake-up call. AV professionals in the Northeast Corridor unaccustomed to dealing with natural disasters found themselves scrambling to keep systems running during the calamity. Many managers learned valuable lessons that they want to share with the industry.

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Don’t Overlook TCO for Ed Tech

When shopping for projectors, savvy education technology managers know to ferret out the total cost of ownership (TCO) rather than fixating on the lowest price. That’s why vendors are increasingly offering projectors with hybrid designs, self-cleaning filters, and light sources that last 20,000 hours or longer. The time spent calculating genuine TCO can really pay off.

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