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Apple Into AV Signal Processing?

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Several recent news items have solicited editorial comments from NewBay editors to the effect that despite the surge of Apple (and the unbridled love affair the press has with Apple) Microsoft still drives ProAV. Are forays like this patent application by Apple (with some pretty fancy features like “facial recognition… to determine where a microphone should be ‘beam steered’ to achieve maximum voice quality even when a user is looking away from the computer screen”) just legal place-markers, or vaporware, or serious attempts to get into the world of pro AV signal processing?

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Apple AV

by Jimi Gonzalez Coincidentally, Steve Jobs passed away during the same week that I decided to transition my personal computing to a MacBook. For my personal purposes, it was time for me to surrender to the inevitable. I’ve fully committed to the iPhone and the iPad but (perhaps intentionally) iTunes software runs

The Battle of the Tech Giants–the (Invisible) Hand of Markets

 There is something missing in all the press analysis of these clashes of the giants. Beyond the Apple vs. Samsung headlines, there is the continuing story of major Japanese companies Sony and Sharp struggling to regain some of their mojo in the face of the both the Apple juggernaut and the rise of Korean giants LG and Samsung.   

Lessons Learned from Apple EdTech Deployments: Part 2

This multi-part blog series looks at how higher- and secondary-ed technology managers are accommodating faculty and student use of iPads, Apple TV, and other Apple devices in classrooms. In part 2, our panel of experts looks at durability, security, and what they’d like Apple to do to make their lives easier. Many thanks to George Saltsman, an Abilene Christian University professor who recommended the panelists.

Apple's OS Changes Create Management Migraines

As I've noted previously, I'm partly responsible for managing the computer lab in the school where I serve. Each year—normally during late summer, shortly before the beginning of a new semester—we rehab all existing computers by creating a disk image, reformatting the hard drive, and applying the new image to each machine in turn.

Apple TV May Not Be Slam-Dunk, Study Suggests

According to a study released just prior to the opening of CEDIA EXPO by Quixel Research on the prospects for and potential impact of a new Apple TV device (iTV, not the version currently on sale) and long-rumored Internet-enabled TVs, Steve Jobs’ last hurrah may not be the slam-dunk many have foreseen and feared.

The Process is the Experience

Communication and accountability are often the culprits of a poorly executed project. While taking care of clients’ needs and delivering truly inspiring systems is a must in order to win, doing so at a profit is necessary to continue to be in business creating those experiences and enriching people’s lives. Having a structured project management process, and sticking to it, will save headaches and lost profits, and it doesn’t take much more effort than you’re probably putting forth already.

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The Habit of Process

What can we do to take the other approach—and look at it from the perspective of making sure that we start creating good habits, which then can evolve into good processes.