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Hands On With the Samsung SUR40

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At an intimate event at Microsoft’s Experience Center in mid-town New York, a select handful of integrators and dealers gathered yesterday to learn about one of the most promising pieces of technology to be released this year—the Samsung SUR40. The third stop in Almo Professional A/V’s five-city SUR40 road show, the workshop offered the opportunity to not only get one-on-one time with the much buzzed about display and some of the minds behind it, but also get the in-depth training required to sell, specify, and deploy the SUR40.

“This product is designed to fix problems and create experiences,” said Apryl Griswold, business development manager at Almo. “This roadshow is a chance for dealers and integrators to understand how the SUR40 can work into their overall strategy, and get a business case overview of how it can lead to genuine growth.”

A joint collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung, the SUR40 is, as the name implies, a 40-inch HD interactive touch display featuring Microsoft PixelSense. While it can be wall mounted, the real selling point is the tabletop experience it provides—and the fact that it can recognize 50 individual points of touch. The SUR40 is multi-touch, multi-user and equipped with physical object recognition. Several users can interact with it at once, which, according to Samsung, will completely change the way people communicate with one another.

Once you have the chance to use one, that statement seems far less hyperbolic.

The SUR40 is set apart by the powerful apps it can run. Custom apps can—and should—be built. One of the companies that has been leading this field is After-Mouse, a touch screen and motion recognition application developer, whose eastern sales director, Tom Bannon, was on hand to answer questions and show off the SUR40’s capabilities. The portfolio of use cases he presented were as diverse as they were innovative. Whether it was retail, hospitality, healthcare, government, education, entertainment, and even financial services, in almost every vertical imaginable SUR40 had something to bring to the table (no pun intended).

Almo has the SUR40 in stock, available, and shipping now. If you’re eager to get up close and personal with this product, the next stops on Almo’s SUR40 road show will be Reston, VA on November 1, and Dallas, TX on November 13. To register for an event, go to almoproav.com/samsungSUR40.


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