QSC’s AcousticDesign Series AD-C4T and AD-C6T ceiling-mount loudspeakers are now EN 54-24 type A compliant. This European standard specifies strict requirements, test methods, and performance criteria for loudspeakers intended to broadcast a voice alarm warning as part of a fire detection and fire alarm system. Both loudspeakers are specified for indoor use.

“Having our loudspeakers EN 54-24 compliant provides European integrators an option to utilize one system for both performance audio and voice alarming,” said Markus Winkler, senior vice president, QSC Systems. “This will help to reduce costs in the field and provide a safer and more reliable emergency notification system for their customer.”

"In addition, integrators can take advantage of AcousticDesign Series’ unique features and capabilities that make installation easier and more efficient while end users will experience optimal loudspeaker performance,” said Travis Nie, product manager for QSC Installed Loudspeakers.

The AcousticDesign Series offers ceiling-mount, surface-mount, and pendant-mount loudspeakers that all utilize the same design philosophy. Directive Matched Transition (DMT) has been implemented across the platform, allowing for higher consistency of sonic character for better transitions within blended environments. The entire line of AcousticDesign Series loudspeakers takes advantage of Intrinsic Correction (QSC’s own custom factory voicing) when used in tandem with the Q-SYS Platform or DSP-equipped CXD amplifiers.