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AirNetix, LLC, an Atlanta, GA based wireless audio technology company, today announced StreetSounds™, a revolutionary new streaming wireless audio system designed to provide professional quality audio for “Main Street USA”. StreetSounds™ allows city governments, city administrators, real estate developers, and property managers to provide real-time audio for seasonal music, festivals, parades, road races, ambient background music in shopping areas, as well as emergency announcements and Mass Notification. Since StreetSounds™ is wireless, it provides high quality professional audio without the cost and hassle of having to dig up streets and sidewalks, or disturb historic areas in order to run wires. The system is easily mounted on existing street-light poles so that it can tap into a local AC power source.

StreetSounds™ consists of a 900 MHz wireless radio, an internal 70 watt 2-channel audio amplifier, weatherproof speakers, and mounting brackets designed for simple mounting to a street-light or traffic-light pole. The wireless radio is a “multi-hop repeater” and is based on the proven AiRocks Pro products currently being sold by AirNetix in to professional audio market. The novel repeater architecture gives StreetSounds™ virtually unlimited range and coverage so that large downtown districts, parks, shopping centers, recreation complexes, theme parks, and historic districts can be covered by real-time audio. StreetSounds™ is housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure designed for permanent installation and built to withstand harsh, outdoor environmental conditions.

The wireless system is remotely controlled and monitored from a central PC running the Network Management System (NMS) application. The NMS gives the operator control over each wireless unit so that either individual units, or groups of units (“zones”), can be turned on or off and volume increased or decreased from the central management location. All critical operating parameters, such as receive signal level, audio level, and internal temperature can be monitored to provide alarms or service information.

The City of Smyrna, GA has been conducting a technology trial of the StreetSounds™ system in the city’s Village Green. Steve Ciaccio, Director of Parks and Recreation for the city says “So far the system has performed flawlessly. We have received many positive comments about having this type of background audio in our Community Center and Village Green. I can foresee several applications within the city for this type of product”.

A live demo of StreetSounds™ will take place at InfoComm 2016 in Las Vegas June 8 – 10 in the AirNetix booth number C11932. StreetSounds™ is targeted for production during the third quarter of 2016 and will be initially available only in the US and Canada. More information is available on the website at .


Mike Hooper, President & CEO

AirNetix, LLC



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