Immersive Audio Track Takes 140th International AES Convention in Paris Fully Dimensional -

Immersive Audio Track Takes 140th International AES Convention in Paris Fully Dimensional

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New York, NY — It would be inconceivable to organize an AES Convention nowadays without comprehensive multichannel and 3D reproduction facilities, and the 140th International AES Convention in Paris on 4 to 7 June will be no exception.

For the 140th AES Convention, being held at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, a large listening room equipped for multi-format audio reproduction will be installed, enabling first-class conditions for AES Workshops and Tutorials. Immersive Audio Track presentations will highlight the present-day state of the art and research into surround sound and 3D recording and reproduction practices, as well as an exciting program of special events devoted to audio projections. Examples of many of the now-established surround and 3D audio formats will be presented, featuring formats such as Auro 13.1, Auro 11.1, Auro 9.1, as well as surround sound in 7.1 Blu-ray, 5.1 multichannel, and maybe even stereo. AES is grateful to Auro 3D, who is providing the complete installation of this multichannel and 3D part of the Technical Program.

AES is also pleased to announce the participation of a number of the major recording companies in this field. This includes Morten Lindberg from 2L in Norway, Hugo Romano Guimarães from N Music Production in Barcelona, Wilfried van Baelen from Auro 3D in Belgium, and Hervé Déjardin from Radio France in Paris. Convention Co-chair Michael Williams will also be presenting some of his recordings and research work into various microphone array formats, including a proposition for a new 3D sound reproduction format called “Comfort 3D.” To ensure the optimum listening experience, seating capacity will be limited; with a strong demand for the cent seats, early arrival is suggested.

The 140th AES Convention in Paris also provides an excellent opportunity to highlight the BiLi project. At the forefront of Binaural Listening technology, BiLi is a collaborative research project in France that has inspired interest throughout the world, in light of the increasing prevalence of headphone listening. At the heart of the development of this technology in France is an AES Monograph author, Rozenn Nicol from Orange Labs (formerly called France Telecom). Rozenn will be leading a Workshop on binaural listening, in a room equipped with over one hundred pairs of headphones to provide a binaural listening experience for everyone present.

3D cinema sound, surround sound broadcasting and binaural listening — under the collective banner of Immersive Sound — will be a major track at the 140th AES Convention; this will be an important contribution to the understanding of this fast expanding field of audio technology.

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