Videotel Digital Releases Exclusive Market First HD2700 M Industrial Looping DVD Player, SD and USB All in One Digital Media Player -

Videotel Digital Releases Exclusive Market First HD2700 M Industrial Looping DVD Player, SD and USB All in One Digital Media Player

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Videotel Digital announces the release of the market’s first industrial grade seamless auto looping DVD and Digital media player combo unit with a built-in scheduler to time content and with interactivity. Eager with increased functionality for public venues, the new product’s scheduler is designed to automatically power on, auto play and seamlessly auto loop content. Better yet, it will auto repeat without manual interaction. Now specified content can play at integral times throughout the day with no human engagement. Or, for a hands-on approach, it can also become an interactive signage player. This is easily done with the addition of LED push buttons, motion and proximity sensors. Meant to engage and inform any audience, on any level, the HD2700M is a reliable solution with durability as its finest.

Designed for 24/7 continuous use and with an estimated lifespan of over six years, the Videotel all-in-one media player is unmatched. It plays full native 1080p HD video and with a built in upscaler. Simple to use and cost effective, it displays media content that can be played from three different ways. For added convenience, users can display digital content via a DVD, SD or USB.

Schneider says, “The HD2700 M is perfect for those displays that require the flexibility of displaying content with a DVD, USB or SD card reliability and with a true seamless auto loop, timed content or interactive content. It just doesn't get any easier with the HD2700 M."

Timed scheduling of various content files is easily achieved with the creation of a simple text file. The file can have start and stop times and should be loaded on the same DVD, SD or USB as the video files. Using a seven day calendar, specific playback is triggered by simply inputting specific days of the week. Or, the dvd/media player can be told to run the content all day every day. And leaving no stone unturned, the scheduler can power the Videotel digital media player on and off according to a set time as well.

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Videotel Digital is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Digital Signage Media Players, Industrial DVD Players and Interactive Digital Signage Solutions. The company provides Industrial Audio/Video products that Auto Start, Auto Play, Auto Loop and seamlessly Auto Repeat for continuous play without manual interaction. The industry leader service numerous industries from retail to healthcare, educational concerns, hospitality, events and museums among others.


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