The Queen's Medical Center Chooses Videotel's VP71 Industrial Digital Signage Media Players for its Hospital -

The Queen's Medical Center Chooses Videotel's VP71 Industrial Digital Signage Media Players for its Hospital

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The Queen's Medical Center, in the Honolulu, Hawaii area, has recently purchased new digital signage media players for its hospital rooms. The solution that the hospital chose to buy were Videotel's VP71 Industrial Media Players. Prior to purchasing this high-quality media player from Videotel, The Queen's Hospital frequently experienced challenges with getting their signage players to power on. They experienced many power glitches, which directly impacted patient care. The hospital administrator has informed Videotel Inc. that the hospital is very grateful to have chosen this solution above all others. The hospital especially likes the auto power switch, which prevents the need to worry about the troublesome power glitches affecting the function of important equipment. This dependable product manufactured by Videotel Inc. allows The Queen's Hospital to provide its patients with the highest quality of care and make news, information, and other important data readily available to patients, visitors, employees, and family members of patients.

Videotel prides itself on providing top-notch industrial digital equipment and exceptional customer support. The Videotel's VP71 is an industrial-grade digital media player that has the ability to auto-power-on, auto-loop and auto-repeat content seamlessly. This is done without the necessity for menus, remotes, or manual interaction. The VP71 supports RS232 with a communication-ready port, which enables users to play content at designated times of the day. The media player’s durable design enables the VP71 to run for more than six years without failure. The VP71 can also be used to create an interactive experience for patients by connecting LED push buttons or motion sensors.

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