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Powersoft Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation at InfoComm 2015

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June 18, 2015 · Orlando, FL – This year, Powersoft (InfoComm booth 115) celebrates its 20th anniversary, highlighting the success of its X Series workhorse platform and by marking the U.S. introduction of its latest innovation: the Ottocanali DSP+D. The Ottocanali DSP+D represents a massive leap forward in amplifier technology, providing a vast array of control and monitoring functions as well as sound shaping options. The system, which is housed in an economical double rack space, delivers up to 12,000 watts of output power at 4 ohms over 8 channels for lo-Z or distributed line systems.

In addition to displaying its new Ottocanali DSP+D at InfoComm, Powersoft will also feature its flagship M and K Series amplifiers as well as the revolutionary M-Force Technology — along with the aforementioned X Series. Following its successful launch in Frankfurt last year, the X Series has gained popularity in the worldwide integration and live event industries, with many installations completed throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia.

Two decades of passion and innovation
Powersoft has earned its place among the audio industry’s elite by continuously delivering innovative products over the last 20 years. These innovations include many technological breakthroughs, which has helped shape the professional amplifier market to become what it today:

1997 – Digam 7000
This was the first amplifier with increased power density and unprecedented performance, in a single rack unit — saving space and reducing weight. The amplifier represented a number of firsts for the industry:

  • Switch Mode: When Class D amplification was still a challenge, innovation became a must. Higher efficiency, lower current draw, compact circuits and much smaller heat sinks compared with old fashioned linear amps.
  • Fixed Frequency: Extremely stable and reliable, Powersoft fixed frequency switching mode technology guaranteed low noise leakage, low crosstalk and a deterministic behavior suiting any and all powering levels.
  • PFC: Powersoft was the first company to introduce Power Factor Correction in power amplifiers: PFC made it easier to optimize power distribution, reduce cable gauge and minimise distortion on the power line.

1997 – PowerMod
This was the first complete compact amplifier module, providing the highest power density at the time: the output stage and power supply were condensed into a compact and lightweight power amplifier for self-powered loudspeakers.

2002 – DigiMod 1000
A Class D amplifier module with specifically designed DSP boards boasting advanced processing, remote control and networking capabilities, the DigiMod 1000 provided granular control of sonic parameters and performance. The introduction of signal processing on-board of active loudspeakers marked a huge step forward in system flexibility and customisation.

2000 - Q Series
This featured 4 channels in 1RU. Powersoft R&D continuously optimized the design and performance of power amplifiers by providing a series with even higher power density and more compact and versatile solutions.

2004 - K Series
- DSP on board. Sound shaping and live performance optimization at a level unachievable with external signal processors: the implementation of DSP on-board of power amplifiers heralds a new and innovative era of system controllability.
- AESOP Networking: A de facto standard in signal routing through traditional Cat5 UTP cables that makes highly scalable audio distribution and remote system management effortless.
- Step-up card: Increase the output power without the need to change amplifier, allowing systems to grow as required.

2007 - DigiMod 3000
PFC in Modules: At higher power levels, control over the AC mains supply and input power management became essential. PFC integrated into the amp module ensured power grid stability, less dissipation and improved system performance.

2007 - IpalMod
DPC: Differential Pressure Control offered loudspeaker manufacturers an effective tool to arbitrarily modify the Thiele-Small parameters of the driver, adapting the transducer’s physical characteristics to the acoustic design.
Zero Latency DSP: Real-time signal processing allowed for the transducer behaviour to be modified adaptively and ensured consistent system performance over time.

2012 - DSP-4
Networkable amp module: Granular remote control of any single sound source; highly scalable and versatile performance management and sound shaping from single point source to high power complex sound systems.

2013 - DEVA
The Deva is an all-in-one multimedia unit with integrated solar panel. It also a Wi-Fi manageable multifunctional system that implements the latest generation technology for distributing audio signal across large areas and perform audio/video surveillance in any operating conditions.

2013 - M-Force Technology
M-Force represents a new paradigm shift in low frequency application. Its moving magnet linear motor structure is capable of delivering unrivaled performance in terms of power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL.

2014 - X Series
- These amplifiers feature high channel count, high power density, and massive processing power. A culmination of twenty years of innovation, the X Series is a technological powerhouse with the most complete feature set of any amplifier on the market. The high channel count, extraordinary processing capabilities and high power output make the X Series suitable for any audio application.
- Revolutionary Three Phase supply with PFC
- Truly Worldwide power supply, suitable for single, bi and three-phase operation from 85V to 440V, DC – 400Hz providing maximum versatility and reliability in any power distribution design.
- Built-in matrix and signal routing
- Non-Boolean channel assignment from any input to any output and any level offers limitless configurations: a versatile and cost-effective solution for any and all applications.

2015 – Ottocanali DSP+D Series
- SRM. Enhanced efficiency by means of the Smart Rails Management system of dynamic rails modulation: lower idle consumption, lower audible noise floor, reduced EMC issues.
- Dual redundant Power Supply + DSP + Dante
- Maximum reliability and efficiency: Powersoft Ottocanali implements a redundant power supply that uses green technologies. DSP, Dante, a very high channel count and a full non-Boolean matrix make the Ottocanali the amplifier of choice for multi-zone installations.


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