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OXFORD, UK: As a general rule of thumb, ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch.’ However, free vouchers are being given away by innovative plug-in company, Sonnox, for the next two weeks. The voucher code, JUNE50, can be reused for multiple individual purchases, and £50 GBP will be deducted from each order. The offer represents an ideal, and cost effective opportunity to plug into such popular Sonnox favourites as Inflator, SuprEsser, Oxford Limiter or any of the other outstanding plug-ins in the range!

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Finishing with Style

Sometimes the success of a project is in the final stage.Some technology projects last quite a long time. Ideally, planning for an AV implementation begins at the early stages of any construction project. Much has been written about the importance

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For Digital Signage Answers, Know the Right Questions

Digital Signage magazine often explores the issue of metrics– usually with a focus on the TV or web-style viewer metrics for in-store screens. But when you go to sell a retail-based digital signage system, you need to qualify your customer and direct the discussion. A lot of the focus on metrics for in-store screens really is about national rollouts– rollouts that involve multiple store locations across many states and many locations. But if your digital signage system is more locally-based, being called on the carpet by the customer to prove a positive, measurable ROI on the basis of “metrics” may difficult to impossible.

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Ready For Revit

Building Information Modeling Has The Power To Change AV Design With Revit, a group of designers from different fields can work on a single, full-scale three-dimensional central file.