Introducing AuraVerb by Antelope: New Reverb Leveraging Unique Algorithms and Proprietary DSP Chip for 'Smooth and Clear' Sound -

Introducing AuraVerb by Antelope: New Reverb Leveraging Unique Algorithms and Proprietary DSP Chip for 'Smooth and Clear' Sound

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October 8, 2015 · Santa Monica, Calif. – Antelope Audio introduces AuraVerb, the professional audio company’s first reverb. The software-based reverb leverages Zen Studio’s powerful 64-bit DSP chip and features a unique algorithm designed by Antelope’steam of mathematicians, including company founder Igor Levin. AuraVerb is free for all current and future Zen Studio owners with a simple firmware update and is fully compatible with other upcoming Antelope Audio products.

AuraVerb provides color and richness using a simple new approach via a unique algorithm. The reverb features eight different controls including a ‘color’ parameter to create everything between darkened textures to a brighter, sizzling presence; and a ‘Richness’ parameter that controls the reverb density compared with the source audio, AuraVerb is capable of producing a wide range of authentic sonic landscapes.

Calling ‘Dr. Vibb’
The five-time GRAMMY Award winning recording/mixing engineer Brian ‘Dr. Vibb’ Vibberts was ‘on duty’, working close with Antelope’s development team. Following strictly the doctor’s ‘prescriptions’ the developers came with this software reverb which some users already compare with legendary hardware FX.

In addition to lending his expertise in the development Brian Vibberts shared his know-how by creating 24-custom presets available to the end-user at the touch of a button. The presets, fitting various situations and genres of music, make the use of AuraVerb a breeze for both established and relatively inexperienced engineers.

“AuraVerb represents another natural extension of the Antelope Ecosystem, delivering the same standard of sonic excellence that our customers expect within our products,” comments Igor Levin, founder and CEO of Antelope Audio. “Users of AuraVerb will recognize Antelope’s signature depth and clarity, and will be able to access world-class reverbs quickly and efficiently.”

An Extended Sonic Palette
Among other controls present on AuraVerb are Pre-Delay, Early Reflection and Late Delay, which establish the desired amount of ambience for each sound in the mix. By adjusting these and other paramaters present on AuraVerb, users can design thickening effects, washing effects, bright halo-type film score effects, darkened mood effects and long, smooth, rich decays. Users can also start with any of the 25 paramaters and adapt these to create customized sounds, as well as create and share their own presets.

Highlights of Antelope Audio’s new AuraVerb include:

• New algorithmic reverb runs in real time on Antelope’s own DSP engine
• 24 custom presets created by Brian Vibberts for various instruments and styles
• ‘Color’ and ‘Richness’ parameters enable users to control different textures and densities
• PreDelay can delay the onset of reverb by up to 150ms
• Long and smooth decays feature no digital artifacts
• Create your own savable presets and share with other AuraVerb users
• Signals can also be routed from DAW software as a Hardware Insert

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