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UDC From High Resolution Systems Shows Versatility for Oracle and Alaska Airlines

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High Resolution Systems' (HRS) UDC software demonstrated its versatility recently when it was deployed on a high-profile event for Oracle and in an Alaska Airlines facility in Seattle. Dan Barry drew on the flexibility and ease of use of the UDC software to run an array of equipment for two very different customers.

"I just got a UDC 400 and love it," says Barry, who's an advocate of the control platform. "I use it on every event to drive single and multi-screen shows. UDC is perfect for shows large and small." UDC 400 is a hardware button panel that works with the UDC software. UDC Software is a control platform that allows customized control of devices using IP or serial protocols. Fast and flexible control system configuration can be done on the fly while setting up for live events.

Barry tapped his UDC software for single screen general sessions at the Oracle Content conference, presented by Oracle in Washington D.C. The gathering brought together customers and opinion leaders who conduct research and develop primary sources of information used to formulate and validate decisions.

Barry customized his UDC system to control DT Videolabs' PlaybackPro machines, two AJA Ki Pro video recorders and two Image Pros; he used the UDC-R remote application for PowerPoint control.

During the course of the event operators and projectionists were redeployed so Barry ultimately found himself alone running the general sessions for the various producers involved. "I just put all the device control into UDC and drove the sessions from one position on my iPad. From UDC I was running all playback, record and graphics," he explains. "It wasn't a big deal to lose the other key positions because UDC was able to handle it all. That's pretty impressive."

Barry also suggested UDC to control all the AV for the Alaska Airlines facility in Seattle. "They have a single AV tech for the whole facility, and UDC is really simple to use. It totally integrates the facility so the tech can interact with everything there."

The UDC software controls six viewing areas with attendee interaction, he reports. "There are 10 to 15 monitors with sources all controlled by UDC and a central tech area with all the playback devices. The facility has its own HRS Raptor, a UDC Pro embedded control server, too."

UDC gives the facility the ability to customize graphics and deploy the Apple Macintosh interfaces they prefer. For example, "They have a separate little theater with a three-wide monitor set up that rolls video once or twice a day," says Barry. "Just press a button on the iPad Mini on the wall to play the content - Alaska Airlines runs everything from iPad Minis. And they can give their graphics an Alaska Airlines look with customized graphics."

About HRS

High Resolution Systems is a company that is passionate about bridging the gap between AV, IT and on-site technologies. High Resolution Systems makes fully connected facilities a reality, leveraging technology to increase ROI on existing meeting spaces and enable intelligent business decisions. High Resolution Systems creates custom solutions, tailored to meet the needs of corporate facilities, academic institutions, and medical campuses, just to name a few.

Whether you're managing technology for 10 rooms or 100+, a High Resolution Systems solution is designed with scalability in mind and can grow with any business need.

For more information, visit www.hrscontrol.com.


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