Stream in HD to Digital Signage and Video Walls with the New SaviStreamer Encoder from SmartAVI -

Stream in HD to Digital Signage and Video Walls with the New SaviStreamer Encoder from SmartAVI

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North Hollywood, CA, October 19, 2015 -- Delivering top-tier AV solutions for growing video wall and digital signage markets, SmartAVI is proud to announce its brand new SaviStreamer product line for high definition video streaming. Digital streaming offers an adaptive and dynamic visual twist to commonplace digital displays, enthralling patrons and onlookers alike. As SmartAVI founder and president Albert Cohen says: “HD Streaming is the cutting-edge of digital signage and video wall technology. Not only do streams enhance digital displays— they optimize the entire user experience. Streaming offers businesses the opportunity to expand their markets, and SmartAVI is driven to deliver on that promise with our powerful and easy-to-use SaviStreamer solutions.”

The SaviStreamer E300 Encoder, SmartAVI’s newest AV-over-IP solution, is excellent for quick, high-quality remote distribution to digital signage and video walls. The E300 offers robust, reliable, and user-friendly HD content management with low stres networks and displays.

Designed with video walls and digital signage distribution in mind, the SaviStreamer E300 encodes content with the precision and ease necessary for wide-reaching HD streaming. At resolutions up to 1080p and 60 frames per second, the SaviStreamer’s H.264 output offers the best quality picture at the lowest bandwidth, so streams look and perform perfectly.

SaviStreamer E300 continues to put user convenience front and center with shared network customizations, remote monitoring, and easy scheduling routines. Encode for standard displays, tablets, monitors, cell phones, large-scale video walls, and more from a central location, keeping control intimate even as content reaches vast, distant audiences.

Perfect for expanding transportation, retail, healthcare, entertainment, food industry and educational displays, E300 Encoders ensure eye-catching results over a wide range. SaviStreamer Encoders are excellent streaming solutions for a variety of applications:

• Broadcast public announcements to connected displays and get the word out fast.

• Spice up menus and retail signage with a live stream of basketball game or popular TV channel.

• Add informative programming like news and weather reports to gas pumps or digital bulletins.

• Monitor an emergency situation in real-time from a command center’s video wall.

With the E300 Encoder, the applications for large-scale streaming are endless.SaviStreamerexemplifies SmartAVI’s respected proficiency and celebrated user-functionality to seamless and effective results unmatched by other encoders.

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About SmartAVI

SmartAVI, Inc. is a world-leading innovator of digital signage and AV signal distribution based in North Hollywood, California. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality audio/visual signal management solutions. System architects everywhere have come to rely on SmartAVI's innovative technologies and commitment to the highest standards in AV solutions. Users that have embraced SmartAVI's expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockheed Martin, Monte Carlo Resort, and Miller Brewing Company.


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