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ELAN g! Comes Standard Throughout New Mixed-Use Development in Queretaro, Mexico

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ELAN® Home Systems has touted its ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System as the ideal control solution for any size project, and today that claim has proven true with the company’s announcement that the new Q7001 luxury mixed-use development in Queretaro, Mexico is making the ELAN g! system standard in all 156 residential units! According to Queretaro-based custom installation firm Mindware Systems, additional g! systems will be used in all three residential towers to control multiple subsystems in common areas including the pool, gym, library and party room, as well as the shared boardrooms in the development’s office tower.

“This is a major mixed-use development project, and it’s one of the largest ever undertaken by our firm,” said Omar Cerda, CEO of Mindware Systems. “As such, we need to know that we are installing the most reliable and easy-to-install, maintain and upgrade control system in the world, and that’s ELAN g! It’s the easiest system for owners to use and we have 100% confidence in it.”

According to Joe Lautner of ELAN Home Systems, the Saya residential towers project is a milestone for the ELAN g! system and for home control as a whole, showing that there is an affordable, easy-to-use, customizable solution for controlling any number of subsystems in homes of every size.

“Today we’ve passed the tipping point for the ELAN g! system and perhaps for the entire home control market,“ Lautner declared. “With the widespread adoption of our easy-to-use control solution in homes and apartments of all sizes, it’s clear that today’s homebuyers are yearning for the next evolution in comfortable home living. By making custom home control standard throughout the Saya residential towers, there is no doubt that Q7001 will be one of the most technologically advanced communities in the world.”

When construction is completed in 2014, Q7001 will include more than forty retail shops, an office tower and three residential towers with a total of 156 units in 13 different configurations, each with a base ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System that owners can expand to their heart’s desire.

For Luca Piccolo, President of BIN Desarrollos, the developer of Q7001, including ELAN Home Systems in the Saya residential towers was a win-win situation.“Elan represented the opportunity to offer an upgraded product that required limited infrastructure and cost.”

The base control system will use an ELAN HC4 or HC8 to integrate several PulseWorx lighting loads, various zones of multi-room audio with speakers from Emphasys, 1 to 4 zones of video, a Z-Wave thermostat for HVAC system and Z-Wave electronic door lock. Each apartment will include one HR2 remote and several TS2 and/or TS7 ELAN in-wall touchpanels for simple control of all integrated subsystems. Owners will also be able to control the ELAN g! system with their own Apple or Android smartphones and tablets and PC or Mac computers.

The shared boardrooms in the office tower will use the ELAN g! system to control lighting, AV and HVAC, and will feature components from Sunfire, ATON and PulseWorx. Mindware Systems has already installed a fully integrated ELAN g! system in their new office in the Q7001 office tower, as well as the on-site technology showroom. The showroom is being used to demo all the available technologies for prospective buyers.Mindware Systems is responsible for all sales and installation of control systems, in-ceiling speakers, integrated lighting systems and add-ons such as security and surveillance systems and motorized window shades for the entire development, including all residences, offices and retail spaces.

David Romero of Proper Deal, the Sales and Marketing company behind the sale of Saya residential towers, believes that systems like ELAN g! are going to be an integral part of the future of residential development and sales.“Homebuyers everywhere are looking for reliable solutions that are both simple to install and simple to operate in order to control their living spaces with a focus on efficiency and convenience,” he said.

About ELAN Home Systems:

Founded in 1990, ELAN® Home Systems is an industry leading manufacturer of innovative, award-winning whole-house entertainment and control systems that are distributed through a comprehensive channel of select dealers and distributors throughout the United States, Canada and more than 58 countries worldwide. To learn more, visit www.elanhomesystems.com.

ELAN is part of the Core® Brands division of Nortek, Inc. Core Brands combines the product and marketing strengths of ten iconic audio, power management andcontrol brands into a single business unit that includes ATON®, BlueBOLT®, ELAN®, Furman®, Niles®, Panamax®, Proficient®, SpeakerCraft®, Sunfire® and Xantech® brands.

ELAN is a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc., a global, diversified company whose many market-leading brands deliver broad capabilities and a wide array of innovative, technology-driven products and solutions for lifestyle improvement at home and at work. Please visit www.nortekinc.com for more information.


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