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Martin Audio WPC and WPM arrays provided by OSA International, Inc. ensured uniform coverage with exceptional throw and sound quality at a business conference in Grapevine, Texas.

OSA International recently solved problems at a business conference in Grapevine, Texas with a PA system consisting of Martin Audio WPC and WPM speakers.

Brought in by event producer agencyEA for audio, video, lighting, staging and production, OSA realized that the acoustic challenges of a hotel ballroom, the need for uniform coverage plus the event’s weight and rigging descriptions led them to one inescapable conclusion.

As OSA’s Brian Daily explains, “the biggest challenge was getting a PA that could throw at least 100 feet for the mains and 65 to 70 ft. in the center, with the powered control we needed for the space we were working with. Given the weight restrictions and rigging issues we faced, the only PA that made sense was Martin Audio’s WPC system.

“In terms of control, we needed to keep sound off of the stage as much as possible because of the presenters, talent show contestants and the concert night entertainment, Blues Traveler, were onstage. This is something Martin Audio is known for.”

The actual system included two clusters of eight Martin Audio WPC for left and right mains plus four center-flown clusters of four WPM for center and front fill coverage.

Asked about the choice of Wavefront Precision for this event, Brian adds, “It’s a great-sounding PA, with everything you could possibly need in terms of being light weight and easy to rig.

“Best of all, the client was incredibly pleased with the outcome. They were already talking about their next meeting.

“In terms of Wavefront Precision overall, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this PA, it’s just amazing. I really appreciate the seamless transitions between the WPC and WPM cabinets, combined with the impact those boxes have on the listening experience. I just got back from a difficult show in Boston where we used the Wavefront Precision and I could not imagine having used any other PA in that venue.”

For more about OSA International Inc., please click to www.OSAcorp.com.

For more about Martin Audio, please click to: www.martin-audio.com


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