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Dan Dugan Clarifies Usage of Dugan Name by Other Companies

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San Francisco, CA, Sept. 22 2016 – Dan Dugan, the inventor of automatic microphone mixing technology, has issued a statement on the usage of the Dugan name by other manufacturing companies.

“As most people in the industry are aware, my patent for the algorithm used in the Dugan Speech System expired some time ago. This expiration enabled other companies to develop their own versions, generically described as ‘gain sharing.’ These versions by other manufacturers, while employing similar concepts, are NOT Dugan automixing systems and may not be described as such. While I am sincerely flattered by the ‘honorable imitators’ of Dugan automixing technology, I must remind all manufacturers that the usage of the Dugan name is strictly prohibited unless a manufacturer has been licensed by Dan Dugan Sound Design to do so. This includes the terms ‘Dugan automixing’ or even ‘Dugan style’, as recently described by Behringer in a product notice. The Dugan name is trademarked, and no one may use my name for a process that has not been thoroughly tested by my lab to ensure its conformance with strict Dugan performance standards.”

Licensed versions of the Dugan™ algorithms – the Dugan Speech System™, Dugan Music System™ and Dugan Gain Limiting™ are tightly regulated by Dan Dugan Sound Design. Currently, Protech Audio, Sound Devices, Waves and Yamaha are licensed to use Dugan algorithms. Dugan plug-in cards are also available for selected Yamaha and Avid consoles. These companies are the only ones who have been authorized to use the Dugan name on their products and marketing materials.

About Dan Dugan Sound Design, Inc.:

Dan Dugan is the inventor of the automatic microphone mixer. Dan Dugan Sound Design, now in its 48th year, has been designing automatic microphone mixing technology since the late 1960s. Dugan technologies provide the best possible mix of live microphones, providing fast, transparent cross-fades without upcutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. Transitions between talkers are smooth and consistent no matter how many mics are open.

Dugan products are used in broadcast news panels, sports commentary, talk shows, corporate meetings, political debates, distance learning, live theater and other applications. The products are not mixers in themselves; rather, they are accessories to or features of audio mixers. The external “Dugans” patch into the input insert points of a mixing console, giving the board operator all of the features of the board such as EQ and sends along with automatic mixing.www.dandugan.com


Dan Dugan E-1A

Dan Dugan Sound Design (booth C10544) has introduced the E-1A automatic mixing controller, adding increased DSP power to provide up to 16 channels of Dugan’s transparent automatic mixing. The E-1A allows users to divide the Dugan unit into three separate automixers, with each set having its own set of master buttons o

Dugan Model M promo image

Dugan Model M

Dan Dugan Sound Design’s Dugan Model M is a new product for management of live microphones in unscripted talking situations.