Black Box Expands USB Extender Line and Adds Online Selector -

Black Box Expands USB Extender Line and Adds Online Selector

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Black Box is enhancing its line of USB extenders to include new USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 extenders. The units are used to extend the distance from USB-enabled computers to distant USB devices, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, touch screens, and other peripherals.

Enhancements include faster USB 2.0 bulk transfers, double the number of extensions per system, and improved USB interoperability. The extender product line gives IT professionals multiple choices for USB extension beyond the 5-meter USB limit. Ranges up to 100 meters are possible over CATx cable. Long-distance extension from 500 meters to 10 kilometers can be achieved over fiber cable.

Users with USB 3.0 devices can transmit at 5 Gbps over OM3 fiber cable or an active extension cable that requires no power. The company's USB 2.0 extenders transmit at 480 Mbps and are available with as many as four ports. To connect legacy USB equipment, Black Box offers 12-Mbps USB 1.1 extenders.

An interactive online selector helps users see all extender options at a glance. The chart lists all the extenders, speeds, number of ports, distances supported, and the type of cable.

“Enhancements to the USB extender product line now enable up to one amp per port of power delivery,” says Keith Ross, Networking Product Manager at Black Box. “We also developed the online selector to make it easy for customers to find the right selector with just a click.”

About Black Box

Black Box is a leading technology product solutions provider that helps customers build, manage, and optimize their networks. Solutions include switchesEthernet extendersmedia converters, and console/terminal servers for industrial and commercial environments. Other solutions include wireless and PoE equipment. Black Box provides its customers with 24/7 free, pre- and post-sale technical support. Learn more.

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