AMX Introduces Enova DGX 8 and Enova DGX 64 -

AMX Introduces Enova DGX 8 and Enova DGX 64

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The What: At CEDIA EXPO 2013, AMX introduced new DXLink Fiber components that offer the ability to distribute lossless video content (including HDCP) to up to 10 kilometers (six miles) away. AMX also introduced the Enova DGX 8 and Enova DGX 64, which significantly increase the range of input/output options to address just about any switching requirement.

They What Else: AMX DXLink Fiber components and Enova DGX Enclosures provide a 10 Gbps data rate, field serviceable fiber modules, identical board sets throughout the entire switcher line, built-in gigabit ethernet switch, single mode and multimode fiber support, and SmartScale technology for perfect scaling on every output and onboard InstaGate Pro technology for addressing key constraints and delays posed by HDMI/HDCP. DXLink Fiber Multi-Format Transmitters provide support for both analog and digital video and can perform as a 2x1 pre-switch when both signal formats are present.

The Bottom Line: Enova DGX 8 and 64 Enclosures as well as Enova 16 and 32 Switchers all feature enterprise-grade components to ensure a reliable media switching experience of up to 8, 16, 32, or 64 HDMI, DVI, DXLink, or DXLink Fiber sources/destinations.

One More Thing: Enova DGX 64 Enclosure is 4K resolution ready.


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