Extron DMP 128 Plus Audio DSP Processors Now Shipping

The What: Extron Electronics has begun shipping two more DMP 128 Plus models, completing this line of audio DSP processors. The DMP 128 Plus C V and DMP 128 Plus C V AT include up to eight VoIP lines, with standard and wideband codec support, that can be configured as individual extensions or with multiple call appearance channels to support local conferencing applications.

The What Else: Utilizing SIP 2.0 for the wide compatibility with existing and new VoIP installations, a single V model of the DMP 128 Plus Series can be used as a multiple-line device with conference calling support on a single VoIP line. The DMP 128 Plus C V and DMP 128 Plus C V AT models offer network-specific VoIP configuration managed through a dedicated web interface, where real-time SIP transaction logs eliminate the need for network capture software. This segregation of VoIP configuration allows IT and network administrators to manage the VoIP functions of DMP128 Plus devices without the need to develop a detailed knowledge of audio DSP configuration.

“The next-generation DMP 128 Plus Series processors offer powerful AEC, Dante, and VoIP capabilities with even lower latency, more DSP horsepower, and expanded filtering options,” said Casey Hall, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Extron. “Our VoIP models provide advanced technologies that benefit both AV and IT professionals.”