Clear-Com’s LQ Series Broadens Intercom-over-IP Capabilities -

Clear-Com’s LQ Series Broadens Intercom-over-IP Capabilities

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 The What: Clear-Com (booth 5575) will present the latest updates to its LQ Series of IP interfaces at InfoComm 2017. The enhanced LQ Series adds SIP capability for telephony and interoperability, connects traditional intercom with Agent-IC mobile application users, and increases the available inputs/outputs ports for HelixNet digital partyline.

The What Else: Currently, LQ interfaces can link any two-wire partyline and/or four-wire digital solutions over IP networks. With the updated LQ devices that now host Clear-Com’s Agent-IC, core users on traditional intercom systems can communicate in full duplex with Intercom Mobile App users on smart devices. All setups and configurations can be managed within the browser-based Core Configuration Manager (CCM).

HelixNet digital networked partyline system receives a six-fold increase in I/O ports with the updated LQ interfaces. LQ will provide up to 24 audio ports assigned to any of the 12/24 intercom channels in HelixNet. These supplement the HelixNet ports for interfacing with two-wire and/or four-wire intercom or audio devices, effectively creating a much higher density digital partyline intercom system. Signals from any remote devices are routed over IP to the assigned HelixNet end points(s).

LQ Series offers much more connectivity with its SIP interfacing capability. Now, users on any Clear-Com or third-party intercom systems can make direct calls over SIP-based phone systems over LQ.

“The LQ solution was designed to facilitate the connection and distribution of audio signals among any industry-standard intercom and audio devices over secure IP networks. They achieve this through high-speed data links providing up to the full 20kHz audio bandwidth through the adaptable OPUS Codec,” said Stephen Sandford, product manager, Clear-Com. “In this release, Clear-Com has further expanded LQ capabilities with other communications systems, making it the most flexible, platform-agnostic, ultra-fast, and high-quality IoIP solution in the market.

The Bottom Line: The platform-agnostic LQ devices are designed to simplify connectivity and deployment of communications solutions over IP infrastructures, without compromising on the quality of sound, speed, or performance.


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Clear-Com LQ Series

Clear-Com's LQ Series devices provide intercom connectivity for linking multiple intercom systems together and/or extending the capabilities and intercom channels of a single system to one or more remote locations over IP networks.

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