Alcorn McBride: Top Business and Tech Trends in 2015

SCN: What technology and/or verticals were most successful in 2014?
Steve Alcorn: Our show controllers and audio/video playback devices are used in high reliability repetitive environments, such as theme parks, museums, and other dedicated venues. This has been an extraordinarily busy year for us in all those markets, with revenues up almost 100 percent.

What customer or end-user demand surprised you the most and why?
SA: The only areas declining are serial control and, of course, standard definition video. The strongest growth has been in the highest performance products, such as advanced show control networks with hundreds of ethernet connections, and high resolution, high bit rate playback applications. We've been particularly pleased with the growth of our 4K+ solutions, which take advantage of our precise frame synchronization to combine four, or even more, high definition playbacks into one perfectly seamed, giant video.

Steve Alcorn is CEO of Alcorn McBride.