SCN Deep Dive: 17 Experts Discuss What Technologies to Expect InfoComm 2024

InfoComm 2024 is heading back to Las Vegas this month. Before the show floor opens at the Las Vegas Convention Center, we turned to several exhibitors and posed the question: What is your company’s main focus at the show this year?

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Ryan Hindinger, ACT Entertainment Market Manager: Concert Touring and Live Experiences

Smiling headshot of Ryan Hindinger, ACT Entertainment Market Manager: Concert Touring & Live Experiences.

(Image credit: ACT Entertainment)

ACT Entertainment’s main focus at InfoComm 2024 is to showcase how our products not only excel individually but also enhance value when integrated with each other. The company aims to highlight solutions that offer seamless interoperability and high reliability in addition to delivering a superior experience—for our users and their clients. 

To highlight these efforts, we are bringing several of our manufactured and distributed brands and solutions to the show. Included among these are Visual Productions’ new Encolor T10 DMX Controller, designed for small, basic, single-zone, permanent installs. We will also feature the new Visual Productions PoeSwitch, which is ideal for powering the brand’s controllers in small- to medium-sized lighting control systems.

Matt Czyzewski, EVP, AtlasIED

Headshot of Matt Czyzewski, Executive Vice President, AtlasIED.

(Image credit: AtlasIED)

Our main focus at InfoComm 2024 is launching a lineup of new products, including the addition of Dante-enabled products to our Atmosphere audio processing and control platform. We’ve had several requests from the industry for this addition, and continually listen to our customers’ feedback to meet their needs. We’re looking forward to introducing these additions and other new products to InfoComm attendees.

Garth Lobban, Director of Marketing, Atlona

Smiling headshot of Garth Lobban of Atlona.

(Image credit: Atlona)

We have seen strong business activity in the education vertical over the past few years and serving our higher ed and K-12 customers has been a top priority for 2024. This will be reflected in our booth in several ways, including how we can handle complex AV systems inside classrooms and support the increasing variety of education applications taking shape, including esports. One of our demos will show how our new CS31 Series of compact matrix switchers can acknowledge incoming emergency messages and mute other systems in the room. We will also demonstrate our support for USB-C signals alongside HDMI signals in the classroom, as well remote inputs that better support collaboration.

Paul Harris, CEO/CTO, Aurora Multimedia

Headshot of Paul Harris, CEO/CTO of Aurora.

(Image credit: Aurora Multimedia)

Aurora’s focus will be the “ReAX Room." This is a new and better way of implementing room control, audio, and video. Using our new RXT-4DV 4-inch control panel with a Dante/AES67 angular beamforming microphone and 4-watt speaker, we have improved the experience and turned a touchpanel from a nicety to a necessity. The system can vote, raise hands, seat place, hearing assist, language translate, distribute video over IP, and much more. Audio will be evenly distributed at the table as well as mic pickup, creating a speaker and microphone array.

George Tennet, VP, Global Sales and Marketing, Blaze Audio

Smiling headshot of George Tennet.

(Image credit: Blaze Audio)

We have extended our PowerZone amplifiers to include an 8-channel series. We have then added end-user control to all our amplifiers via the DSP. Then the new commercial loudspeaker line up, the Ci Series. The Ci Series has never been sold in the U.S. market. So, adding these designer speakers adds something to the portfolio. Blaze also has many amps and controls for different commercial install applications, so our business partners now have an add on series of competitive loudspeakers.

Steven Barlow, President, DVIGear

Headshot of DVIGear's Stevan Barlow.

(Image credit: DVIGear)

We have partnered with the SDVoE product team for more than 10 years. Only SDVoE offers such a broad range of possibilities without compromise on image quality or performance. SDVoE offers our developers the freedom to innovate in software without the limitations normally found in hardware-only based products.  This means that we can respond to varying customer requests in days rather than months or years.

We will showcase our expanding range of DisplayNet DN-300 Series products at InfoComm with the addition a several new models. These products will provide breakthrough performance and value not available with other AVoIP products.

Ken Frommert, President, ENCO

Ken Frommert of ENCO hosting a podcast in front of a hanging mic.

(Image credit: ENCO)

We will showcase our real-time Qimera virtual production system with an emphasis on its AR, VR, and XR capabilities powered by Unreal Engine. We’ll provide visitors to our booth with insights on how its all-in-one package can support a variety of use cases. One example is how corporate clients can apply AR graphics for their video productions and leverage the entire ecosystem for their internal communications as well as external streams.

Jon Litt, Managing Director of G&D North America

Smiling headshot of Jon Litt.

(Image credit: G&D)

We expect that discussions at InfoComm 2024 will focus primarily on the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into AV systems and control rooms. These technologies, which enable a more intuitive, automated, and personalized interaction with audiovisual devices, and promise to revolutionize the user experience. I am looking forward to interesting presentations and workshops demonstrating how AI technology can be integrated into AV solutions and how artificial intelligence will impact our working environment in the long term. Additionally, advancements in IP solutions, which offer greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in managing audio and video content across various networks, will continue to draw significant attention.

Dan Holland, Marketing Manager, IHSE USA

Smiling headshot of Dan Holland, IHSE USA

(Image credit: IHSE)

As system designers walk the fine line between accessibility and security, they have found keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switching to be an effective means to streamline data access, while maintaining an important level of security and data quality. IHSE plans to demonstrate how our Display Management Systems (DMS) can be tailored to suit each individual user or user team. DMS enables a simpler and more cost-effective solution for sharing common computer and server access more securely—while changing computer access on the fly— resulting in timely access to information without the need of network technicians.

Spiro Plagakis, VP of Product Management, Matrox Video

Headshot of Spiro Plagakis, Vice President of Product Management at Matrox Video.

(Image credit: Matrox Video)

At InfoComm 2024, we’ll demonstrate our comprehensive portfolio of products, including Matrox Extio 3 secure, high-performance IP KVM extenders; KMLync multi-monitor KVM switching over IP; Matrox Maevex encoders and decoders for ultra-low latency streaming and recording; and Matrox LUMA Pro graphics cards for creating IP-based video walls. These technologies enhance operator efficiency, enable collaboration over IP, and support responsive decision-making in networked IP-based control rooms, live production environments, and other mission-critical settings. We’ll also showcase the latest updates to ConvertIP IPMX/ST 2110-ready encoders/decoders and converters, as well as ConductIP signal routing software for video production. Brand new technologies include the Mura distributed video wall appliance and Vion, a next-generation IP video gateway. Booth visitors will discover how Matrox AVoIP products enable greater interoperability, cost efficiency, and scalability in Pro AV/IT environments. Focusing on the value of open standards in enabling AVoIP workflows, we’ll highlight the impact of IPMX support in our ConvertIP product line.

Camille Burch, Marketing Director, Neoti

Smiling headshot of Neoti's Camille Burch.

(Image credit: Neoti)

Outdoor displays must shine bright in all kinds of lighting and weather conditions and should be proven in these environments. All LED looks great at 40-70% brightness, but does it hold its color at 5% or 90%? These are the kinds of conditions you get outdoors, and your display needs to perform reliably with anything the environment throws at it.

We are introducing the AV community to the first and only Pantone Validated and SkinTone Validated LED wall. This is the culmination of years of hard work from our team and partners, and we're happy to be able to introduce it to the world. It's truly stunning—we're showing a 0.8 mm 4K wall with custom content.

Dr. Hyun Kuk Shin, CEO, Opticis

Headshot of Opticis CEO.

(Image credit: Opticis)

The main objective is to introduce customers to the world's only USB Type-C AOC capable of transmitting 100W to 15 meters and the world's first 4K and 8K HDMI and DisplayPort optical extenders that can allow you to check their working status remotely. We also hope to meet more visitors who are not familiar with Opticis products. We found DisplayPort specification is more widely used and the preferred choice for Pro AV installations; however, HDMI optical extenders have recently seen increased demand in a number of applications, including healthcare.

Paul Richards, CRO, PTZOptics and HuddleCamHD

Head shot of Paul Richards, PTZOptics.

(Image credit: PTZOptics)

At this year's InfoComm, our primary focus is showcasing how to control multiple cameras from anywhere with The Hive. We're excited to demonstrate how our new platform enhances remote production by offering seamless camera integration, advanced auto-tracking, and real-time collaboration designed for any environment. We will also demonstrate the advanced dual-camera auto-tracking capabilities of the SimplTrack3, highlighting how effortlessly it can track subjects in motion.

Sean Bowman, Associate VP, North America, Shure

Smiling headshot of Shure's Sean Bowman.

(Image credit: Shure)

At this year's show, our main focus is twofold: showcasing our cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in audio, while building strong relationships with attendees, exhibitors, and industry professionals. Our goal is to demonstrate the unique features and advantages our products deliver for our customers, with the aim of fostering long-term collaborations with industry stakeholders. 

The MXW neXt 2 benefits users and integrators with its exceptional audio quality, flexibility, and ease of use—it's the perfect presenter system to add to any room. Users can enjoy crystal-clear audio, customizable setups, and intuitive controls. Integrators appreciate the system's versatility, scalability, and simplified installation and management, making it an efficient and reliable audio solution. MXW neXt 2 is Certified for both Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Rooms. 

Scott Normand, Commercial Market Senior Director at Snap One

Smiling head shot of Scott Normand from Snap One.

(Image credit: Snap One)

Our main focus will be the bar and restaurant ecosystem. Snap One’s brands create the ideal ecosystem for these spaces, working together seamlessly to deliver an exceptional experience for the user.

Derek Badala, Director of Sales-The Americas, Synthax

Smiling headshot of Derek Badala Director of Sales - The Americas, Synthax.

(Image credit: Synthax)

Dante has become important because there are so many existing projects that have already embraced it and as projects and facilities expand the need for Dante compatibility is almost a forgone conclusion. We have also noticed there is a great need in our industry for solving format connectivity between Dante and other formats like AVB, AES67, MADI, AES3, and Analog.

[Synthax will be] launching AuviTran AoIP solutions for install and live as well six new RME AoIP products.

Michael Wiener, CEO and Founder, Vanguard LED Displays

Michael Wiener of Vanguard in his renowned American flag and sport coat.

(Image credit: Vanguard)

Our main focus will be our groundbreaking Infinity Controller, which will control the functioning of all our LED displays at InfoComm in a way that attendees will be able to see the inner workings of a complex control system. The Infinity Controller uses a card/chassis system that Vanguard invented that allows for the optimal optimization of any size LED display system.

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