SAVe Launches First Certification Program

Tempest Technologies
(Image credit: SAVe)

The Sustainability in AV (SAVe) nonprofit organization launched its first SAVe Certification Program in June in partnership with Washington-based AV integrator, Tempest Technologies.

“As an integration company, we are aware of the waste our industry generates,” said Debbie Williamson, owner of Tempest Technologies. “This is about more than recycling. It’s about what we can do daily and the influence we can have on our clients, customers, and partners. It’s about the legacy we leave for future generations. Becoming SAVe Certified is part of our effort to take that commitment a step further.”

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The three-part, one-day SAVe certification program includes an educational session, workshop, and assessment. The outcome of the process is an actionable strategy to make progress toward achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a shared blueprint for sustainability endorsed by all 193 members of the UN General Assembly, including the United States.

During its SAVe Certification session, Tempest Technologies chose specific SDGs that align with its business model and strategy, community role, and employee passions. The company also identified particular tactics to execute to advance the enumerated SDGs, and laid the groundwork to formalize an actionable strategy for implementation, including metrics and reporting.

Once SAVe Certified organizations have begun efforts to advance the SDGs, they keep in regular contact with SAVe, sharing their progress and challenges with the larger SAVe community, taking advantage of SAVe’s library of educational resources, and spreading the word to their colleagues, partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

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"SAVe provides organizations a vehicle to channel their commitment and passion into action," explained Christina De Bono, founder of SAVe. "And by that we mean specific, targeted efforts that yield measurable results—all on a company-by-company basis.”

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