Panasonic Expands AV Portfolio at InfoComm 2019

PT-RQ50KU 3‐Chip DLP SOLID SHINE 4K+ Laser Projector
PT-RQ50KU 3‐Chip DLP SOLID SHINE 4K+ Laser Projector

Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America is announcing an expanded AV product and solution portfolio in booth 1300 at InfoComm this week. The new products and technologies are aimed at solving customers’ audio and visual challenges in a range of industries, including “live” entertainment, rental and staging, education, corporate, museums and houses of worship, along with broadcast, video production and filmmaking.

During the show, Panasonic will introduce the 50,000-lumen 4K DLP SOLID SHINE 3-Chip laser projector, two 1-Chip DLP 4K (4K equivalent) laser projectors, a series of 3LCD laser projectors and three zero-offset ultra-short throw and short-throw lenses.

Other products to be showcased include a new 4K professional display featuring a built-in TV tuner, a new video wall model boasting a “razor-thin” bezel, and a comprehensive PTZ camera line. 

“Panasonic designs cutting-edge AV solutions portfolios focused on coupling top-quality 4K products with exceptional support,” said John Baisley, senior vice president of Professional Imaging & Visual Systems, PSSNA. ”Introducing this expanded 4K portfolio at InfoComm underscores our commitment to quality and leadership and continues to build on our reputation of superb experiences, technology and solutions, from our suite of high-brightness, virtually maintenance-free 4K projectors and high-impact 4K displays to our high-performance professional 4K cameras.”

[Projection Products You Need to See at InfoComm 2019, by Megan A. Dutta, May 24, 2019]

Featured demonstrations will focus on an esports arena, immersive museum exhibits, integrated solutions for education, and collaboration solutions for corporate environments. Panasonic’s new laser projectors, projector lenses and display portfolios will enable these demonstrations.

Visit Panasonic’s InfoComm 2019 page for more information.

Laser Projectors

PT-RQ50KU 3‐Chip DLP SOLID SHINE 4K+ Laser Projector
An exceptionally small 50,000-lumen laser projector with native 4K resolution provides new potential for creating engaging and immersive experiences across live events and themed entertainment. Its compact, all-in-one body brings significant workflow advantages, with simplified transportation, quick and flexible installation, and easy adjustment. Panasonic says the projector, which will be available in December, will deliver up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection.

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PT-MZ16K Series 3LCD Laser Projectors
This compact and lightweight 16,000-lumen SOLID SHINE 3LCD laser projector delivers ultra-bright and vivid large-screen projection. It supports uncompressed 4K/60p signal input via HDMI or DIGITAL LINK. An eco filter enabling 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation reduces labor, installation time and maintenance costs. With whisper-quiet operation, the PT-MZ16K projector is ideal for education, corporate or house of worship venues. Additional projectors in the series will offer 13,000 lumens (PT-MZ13K) and 10,000 lumens (PT-MZ10K). Availability begins in November.

PT-RCQ10 Series 1-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser Projector
Using a 4K smooth pixel drive and pure color harmonizer, the PT-RCQ10 projector heightens color reproduction, creating vivid, realistic, color-rich 4K environments at 10,000 lumens. The RCQ10, said to provide up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, was designed with rental & staging, theme parks, museums and exhibitions in mind. It is expected to be available in November. The PT-RCQ80, which provides the same features but at 8,000 lumens, will be available in December.

PT-LRZ35 Series 1-Chip DLP RGB LED Projector
Positioned for education and corporate venues, this compact and lightweight portable 3,500-lumen 1-Chip DLP projector is Panasonic’s first portable projector to use the RGB LED light source. The RGB LED light source provides instant projection as soon as it is turned on, and provides excellent color reproduction. The projector is described as offering up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. It is planned to be available in December.

[Panasonic Projectors Create Immersive Experience at Oraya Movement, May 2, 2019]

Projector Lenses

Panasonic is announcing three new zero-offset lenses designed to ensure images are projected in a crisp, clean, and unobstructed manner. These lenses have lens-shift for greater adjustment flexibility. The two lens models with powered zoom simplify image size and position adjustment after installation.

ET-D3LEU100 Ultra-Short‐Throw Lens
With a throw ratio of 0.40:1 (WUXGA), this ultra-short-throw lens offers flexible installation options for 3-Chip DLP projectors to accommodate projecting in tight spaces from very short distances. The L-shaped design eliminates lens under-hang, giving the audience a clear and unobstructed view of the image. It’s scheduled to be available in August.

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ET-D3LEW200 Short-Throw Zoom Lens
Similar to the ET-D3LEU100, the ET-D3LEW200 offers flexible installation options for 3-Chip DLP projectors, with a throw ratio of 0.65–0.85:1 (WUXGA) for projection in tight spaces, but the D3LEW200 further enhances flexibility with a powered optical zoom, eliminating offset without increasing projection distance. The L-shaped design eliminates lens under-hang, giving the audience a clear and unobstructed view of the image. This lens is also scheduled to be available in August.

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ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens
An ultra-short-throw lens featuring powered optical zoom, the ET-DLE020 is designed to fit Panasonic 1-Chip DLP projectors. The lens offers a reduced throw distance with flexible zoom to project in extremely tight spaces, limiting on-screen shadows from presenters or people passing in front of the screen. Available October 2019.

More information:

ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens

ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens

Display Portfolios

With Panasonic’s extensive professional display portfolio, customers can tailor display offerings to fit their unique organizational needs. New professional displays include:

TH-55VF2/TH-55VF2H Series Professional Video Wall Displays
These are high-end professional LCD video wall displays with a razor-thin bezel-to-bezel of 0.88 mm, with either 700 nits (TH-55VF2H) or 500 nits (TH-55VF2) of brightness. These new models make it possible to configure virtually seamless multiscreen displays for dynamic large-screen images. The displays feature In-Plane Switching (IPS) to provide high visibility from any viewing angle, with the surface of each panel processed to reduce glare and reflections. Available late 2019.

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TH-55LFV9 Professional Video Wall Displays
Expanding the LFV series with an ultra-thin bezel-to-bezel width of 3.5mm and 500 nits of brightness, the series enables a two-system input switch that can be used to back up the signal with fail-over and fail-back functionality, ensuring a high level of reliability and continuous, 24-hour operation for mission-critical applications. (The TH-55LFV9 model has failover only.) Each display features IPS for high visibility from any viewing angle, with the surface of each panel processed to reduce glare and reflections. Available October 2019.

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CQ1 Series Professional TVs
Featuring six new models with a brightness of 400 nits, 4K resolution, and capable of supporting 4K/60p signals, CQ1 series displays are designed for 16-hour continuous operation and equipped with basic terminals such as HDMI CEC. The two larger displays (86 and 75 inches) feature In-Plane Switching technology, while the smaller displays (43, 50, 55 and 65 inches) feature vertical alignment technology. All models include a built-in TV tuner for access to broadcast, cable, and subscription TV services, making them ideal for corporate, education, and sports bar applications. Available August 2019.

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SQ1 Series Professional Displays
Panasonic is strengthening the SQ1 Series, adding display sizes of 49, 55 and 65 inches to its existing portfolio of 86- and 98-inch models. All models are capable of 24/7 continuous operation. The SQ1 series allows simple setup with DIGITAL LINK, based on the HDBaseT standard, connecting video, audio, and control signals to external devices with a single LAN cable. A built-in 4K USB media player eliminates the need for an external media player. The SQ1 Series features an Intel Smart Display Module (SDM) slot, which makes it possible to customize the display and its connectivity for a customer’s application needs. Shipping begins in September.

More information:

[Immersive Experiences: Worlds Beyond Digital Displays, by Steve Castle, Oct. 22, 2018]


Pro Video Solutions

In its professional video line, Panasonic is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its professional pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Highlights of Panasonic’s Pro Video solutions on display include:

AW-HE42 Full HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
This cost-effective 1080p integrated PTZ camera offers significant improvements in lensing, stabilization, and interfacing compared to prior Panasonic models in this class. The camera includes several interfaces, including 3G-SDI/HDMI/IP, and is equipped with a 1/2.3-type FHD MOS sensor. The AW-HE42 offers a wide horizontal viewing angle of 65.1°, a 20x optical zoom, 30x i.Zoom, and genlock. It’s planned to be available in June with a list price under $5,000.

More information:

AW-UE4 4K 30p Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
Ideal for small meeting rooms and group conferencing, the compact UE4 offers a 1/2.5-inch, 8-megapixel single sensor to capture 3840 x 2160 resolution images, and a 111° field of view (horizontally). Its interfaces include HDMI/LAN/USB and RTSP/RTMP for streaming. Available in October.

AG-CX350 4K Handheld Camcorder
Features on this lightweight 4K 10-bit fixed-lens camcorder include 4K 10-bit 60p capture and HDR recording. It is equipped with the RTMP/RTSP/RTP protocol for live streaming and NDI HX-ready IP connection.

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AK-UC4000 4K HDR & HD Slow-Mo Studio Camera
This HDR-capable studio/field camera offers strong color reproduction and 2x, 3x and 4x high-speed image capture. The camera also features 12G-SDI, TICO over SDI (4K over 3G-SDI) output, and MoIP, making it suitable not only for studio production but also for sports and live events.

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