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Panasonic Projectors Create Immersive Experience at Oraya Movement

Panasonic Projectors Create Immersive Experience at Oraya Movement
(Image credit: Panasonic)

Nicole Drakulich has a passion for breaking boundaries in traditional territories. Her mission, she says, is to always find new ways to stand out. With a background in graphic design and a love for fitness and health, Drakulich was looking to combine her passions to propel the global wellness movement.

Drakulich founded the Oraya Movement (opens in new tab), which offers an immersive wellness and fitness experience in which a variety of Pilates, yoga and meditation classes are held in a space enhanced by projected images of natural scenes such as Lake Tahoe and a Croatian lagoon. Her 3,000-square-foot studio in West Hollywood, CA, is divided roughly in half, with room for nine guests to work out on Pilates Reformers in one half and for 15 to 20 to take a yoga class in the other. Drakulich prides herself on sense of community her studio fosters for those who are focusing on their overall well-being.

Combining Technology and Wellness

Vision Scenery, a set and scenery production company, partnered on this project with Oraya Movement and Background Images, a production development company that specializes in adding video elements to set design for television and film stage productions. Having recommended the project initially, Background Images was tasked with determining the optimal equipment to execute the vision for the yoga studio.

The team created two studios within one that allows guests to focus on projected imagery displayed on a curved wall, immersing guests in new scenic environments with every class. Ten Panasonic PT-RZ660 1-Chip DLP Solid Shine Laser Projectors paired with ET-DLE030 Ultra-Short Throw Lenses create the calming environment.

Panasonic Projectors Create Immersive Experience at Oraya Movement Studio

(Image credit: Panasonic)

“When we were first introduced to Nicole and she explained her vision for Oraya, she felt very strongly that Panasonic had the best technology to bring her vision to life. She was right,” said Alan Barber, vice president of Background Images. “Together, and based on Nicole’s original concept, we determined Panasonic’s PT-RZ660 laser projectors combined with the DLE030 Ultra-Short Throw Lens had no peers. We didn’t need to look at any other options; it was a very easy choice.”

Using Imagery to Heal

The compact Panasonic projectors were installed above the 8-foot curved walls and paired with the short-throw lenses to enable large screen projections from a short distance, allowing Drakulich to achieve her goal of using imagery to create a transformative and healing experience throughout the space. The PT-RZ660’s Geometry Manager Pro software and multiscreen support system seamlessly map, edge-blend, and color-match the destination imagery onto the cylindrical walls of the oval-shaped studio.

The projectors’ high brightness and image quality played an instrumental role in creating this one-of-a-kind wellness studio. The system’s ability to project images with natural, convincing realism allows guests to visualize themselves practicing yoga in Lake Tahoe or an international park in Croatia—two of the five settings guests can experience at Oraya.

Panasonic Laser Projectors Create Immersive Experience at Oraya Movement

Natural, convincing realism allows guests to visualize themselves practicing yoga in settings around the world. (Image credit: Panasonic)

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Studio with Panasonic

“It’s hard for me to believe that without Panasonic, Oraya’s launch would not have been so successful,” added Drakulich. “This concept is truly new for everyone, and being able to effectively execute this was a dream come true.”

The studio development process spanned nearly three years, from initial concept to the studio’s grand opening. Ian Marsh of Vision Scenery was part of the team responsible for designing and building the in-studio set.

“Nicole had a very clear depiction of the overall concept of the studio and how she intended for Panasonic’s projectors to be utilized in order to execute it,” said Marsh. “Because of this, the overall functionality remained the same throughout, and we were able to create a unique design. It really is immersive when you’re in there.”

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