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NEC Display Expands ProAssist Software to More Projectors

The What: NEC Display Solutions of America has created an expansion of features, capabilities, and availability of its ProAssist projector software solution.

NEC Display ProAssist Software

NEC Display ProAssist Software (Image credit: NEC Display)

The What Else: Expanding the number of projectors that its software is compatible with, ProAssist can now provide projection perfection to the NEC NP-PA803UL / NP-PA703UL (Firmware version 1.12 or later), NP-PA804UL / NP-PA1004UL, NP-PX803UL (Firmware version 1.11 or later), NP-PX1004UL (Firmware version 1.07 or later), and the NP-PX1005QL / NP-PH2601QL / NP-PH3501QL.

“We created ProAssist specifically with professional installation experts in mind, giving them an easier way to control and adjust their projectors and create stunning multi-projector images and scenes,” said Rich McPherson, senior product manager at NEC Display. “With this dynamic solution, the sky is the limit for how it can be used and what it can create, and we’re ecstatic to be able to enable professionals in that way.”

The Bottom Line: ProAssist is professional-grade, and features easy to use adjustment and control solution for coordinated projection from multiple installation projectors. Whether the illuminist is using stacking, edge blending, or using projection mapping techniques, ProAssist is designed to ensure uniformity across the entire image.

ProAssist is available now.

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