NAB 2023 News: Canon Adds New Lens Series and Meet the HoneyBadger

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Canon's expanded Flex Zoom Series lineup is one of the many new innovations to be showcased at NAB Show 2023 in Las Vegas April 15-19. Check Canon news and notes and some of the other exhibitors and what they will be bringing to the show floor. 

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Canon Expands Flex Zoom Series Cinema Lens Lineup 

The new Canon lens that will be showcased at NAB 2023.

(Image credit: Canon)

Heading into NAB Show 2023, where it will be showcasing its latest solutions and products at Booth #C3825, Canon launched  two additions to its 8K Flex Zoom Cinema Lens Series: the CN-E14-35mm T1.7 and the CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 Super 35mm format lenses. The company also announced four new relay kits: the RL-S1 and RL-S2 (for Super 35mm) and the RL-F1 and RL-F2 (for full-frame). The kits adapt each Flex Zoom lens to suit whatever sensor format is required. 

The Canon Flex Zoom lens series was first introduced in 2022 to support full-frame digital cinema cameras. Today, the CN-E14-35mm T1.7 and CN-E31.5-95mm T1.7 expand the Flex Zoom series to include support for Super 35mm cinema cameras. The new lenses, available in interchangeable EF and PL mounts, help produce video with beautiful and natural background blur that is desired by many end-users. 

Designed for the pursuit of cinematic beauty, the new lenses achieve superb 8K optical performance while maintaining the style and ease-of-use of Canon’s Cinema lens series. Ideal for shooting movies, television dramas, commercials, and a wide range of other video content, the lenses maintain a bright T1.7 aperture1 across their zoom ranges, enabling operators to create powerful, shallow depth-of-field shots.

The Canon Flex Zoom lenses are designed with “flexibility” in mind. Each Flex Zoom, by virtue of their relay kits, can be adapted for Super 35mm or full-frame sensors as needed to support the ever-changing requirements of film productions for both popular sensor formats. 

Also at the Canon booth in Las Vegas, be sure to see:

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MultiDyne Heads into the Wilds with HoneyBadger

The MultiDyne HoneyBadger.

(Image credit: MultiDyne)

MultiDyne Video and Fiber Optic Systems comes to NAB Show 2023 with a new bulk fiber transport platform that brings several classic MultiDyne strengths together into one common platform with exceptional signal density for HD, 3G (quad-link 4K) and 12G (single-link 4K) productions.

Ideal for stadiums, arenas, campus and venue-wide signal extension, metropolitan intra-facility connections and classic point-to-point links between trucks, control rooms and studios, MultiDyne’s new HoneyBadger offers an expansive, unparalleled feature set for production-based fiber transport. With support for eight camera feeds and SDI return channels—both expandable through HoneyBadger’s modularity—MultiDyne’s latest innovation takes several decades of bulk fiber transport product design experience into account. 

With HoneyBadger, there are no limits for local signal connectivity and extension, thanks to its high I/O density and two independent 1Gb local-area network (LAN) extensions—the latter of which enables IP connectivity over single-mode fiber strands. As users can also extend four partyline intercom channels (wet or dry), eight bi-directional line level analog audio outputs and eight mic-pre inputs with phantom power over two cost-efficient single-mode fibers, customers can manage all long-distance bulk fiber transport needs from one box. That also includes analog tri-level or bi-level genlock outputs, legacy GPIO/serial control signals and more.

Cinegy Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Cinegy and Google logos.

(Image credit: Cinegy)

Cinegy GmbH, which will be at NAB Show 20223 at booth N2022, has joined the Google Cloud Advantage Program as a Build Partner. Being part of the program means that Cinegy can deliver solutions on Google Cloud and integrate with other workflows to add value. 

As a Google Cloud partner, Cinegy can readily build comprehensive workflows for the complete range of media enterprises. Cinegy software systems that are already proven for use in Google Cloud include tools for content ingest including real-time live capture; signal routing, conversion, processing and playout; storage management and archiving; and multi-viewers. All of these are resolution independent software systems, meaning that users can implement Ultra HD and 8k content chains in the cloud if required. 

“The very diverse nature of the media industry means that each enterprise is finding its own transition from on premises legacy hardware technology to software-centric, virtualized solutions,” said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “Being a Google Cloud partner enables us to continue to support our customers as they establish their own pathway, towards the goal of more efficient, more effective and more green operations.” 

“We are excited to welcome Cinegy to the Google Cloud Partner Advantage ecosystem,” said Kim Lasseter, global director, Partner Advantage Program at Google Cloud. “By bringing its platform to Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Cinegy’s customers will have access to new, innovative cloud solutions to build comprehensive workflows.”

Dream Chip to Launch IP Control for AtomOne

The new DreamChip solutions to be showcased at NAB 2023.

(Image credit: Dreamchip)

Dream Chip will be using NAB 2023 (Booth C3338) to demonstrate the addition of IP control functionality to its AtomOne SSM500 super slow-motion miniature camera. Measuring just 190mm x 60mm x 60mm and capable of recording 500fps in full HD resolution, the addition of IP control now gives this exceptional camera even greater flexibility in relation to the creative contexts in which it can be deployed -  especially on a remote basis.

The new IP control functionality sits alongside an existing RS 485 connection, and the camera employs an open protocol so that it remains compatible with a range of remote-control options from vendors such as CyanView, Skaarhoj, and Antelope, with direct camera control facilitated from a number of these third-party units. For those seeking to operate the camera without third-party additions, control, whether IP-based or through RS 485, is also facilitated through the intuitive GUI that ships with the camera and enables connection of up to 99 other Dream Chip cameras. Thus, comprehensive but easy-to-navigate control is provided for all expected image output options: framerate, resolution, memory and recording buffer status, white balance, exposure and – crucially - multi-matrix color correction to ensure perfect match with other cameras being used for the broadcast. The latter represents a feature that is unique in cameras of this size and FPS capability.

Indeed, in general, at the size which Dream Chip have achieved, there are currently no other offerings on the market which match the specifications and outputs of the AtomOne SSM500, making it unique in its ability to capture super-smooth, crystal clear, slow-motion footage from unusual and innovative angles. This makes it particularly valuable in sports applications, where the camera can be embedded within the pitch, on goalposts or anywhere close to the action, and thus provide viewers with immersive, detailed, emotion-driven footage.

Find out more about the AtomOne here

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