InfoComm 2023: LED Bundles, Laser Projectors, and Screens, Oh My

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Get ready. InfoComm 2023  is a mere week away. We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all the products and news information ahead of time. Today, take a look at three exhibitors bringing some audio solutions to check out, as well as a couple of more booths you need to see.

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Neoti to Showcase Complete Series Featuring Ultra-HD LED Display Bundles

Neoti has launched the Neoti Complete Series, an all-in-one bundle featuring easy-to-assemble LED displays, built-in controller and ADA-compliant mounting and trim systems. This new, competitively priced solution streamlines the purchase and installation process making it the ideal solution for AV integrators and end users who value both quality and ease of installation. 

Neoti’s Complete Series offers simplicity without sacrificing quality. It is easy to understand, doesn’t have complicated mounting components and comes with a user-friendly guide that takes the guesswork out of self installation. Its enhanced image technology allows for improved grayscale and color performance making it the ideal choice for low brightness environments. 

Nanolumens, Smart Monkeys Partner to Bring Display Control with NanoSuite, Powered by ISAAC

The NanoSuite.

(Image credit: Nanolumens)

Nanolumens has partnered with Smart Monkeys to showcased NanoSuite, Powered by ISAAC at Booth 1781. For designers and system integrators, NanoSuite offers a powerful tool to control, monitor, and manage complex display systems. This partnership with Nanolumens and Smart Monkeys brings years of expertise and knowledge of controlling displays with reliable solutions.

 “NanoSuite and the ISAAC system can work completely local, on-premises (On-Prem), via API, or through remote access offering the utmost in show control," said Stephan Villet, managing partner, Smart Monkeys. "We’re proud to power Nanolumens’ displays with ISAAC to support our clients on a more long-term basis. NanoSuite is versatile and is supported by browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari. This integrated solution is just the beginning of this partnership. Stay tuned for more on the immediate horizon from this strategic partnership."

Digital Projection to Introduce Two New Laser Projectors

The new Titan 41000 laser projector from Digital Projection to be displayed at InfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: Digital Projection)

At InfoComm 2023 attendees can see Digital Projection’s new laser projectors as well as its LED displays at Booth 3029. For budget-sensitive applications, the M-Vision 27000 WU boasts 27,000 ISO lumens output and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, offering systems integrators a large-screen imaging solution with near 3-chip performance at a 1-chip price point. The new member of the DP’s legendary TITAN family, the TITAN 41000 delivers up to 47,000 lumens at WUXGA and 41,000 lumens at 4K-UHD. Both the M-Vision 27000 and the TITAN 41000 incorporate Digital Projection’s ColorBoost+Red Laser technology that utilizes red lasers in combination with a traditional blue laser phosphor system to render brilliant, vibrant colors.

TITAN 41000 4K UHD Laser Projector

Built into the TITAN 41000 4K UHD (3840x2160) projector chassis are technologies that make it an ideal imaging solution for higher-end large venue applications such as auditoriums, performing arts centers, visitor attraction venues, houses of worship, and rental and staging.

The new TITAN family was re-designed for greater efficiency and smaller size. It is 15% more efficient than its predecessor, based on lumens-per-watt output, reaffirming the TITAN’s green credentials. An extended 40,000 hours of illumination lifetime in ECO mode and a dust-proof, filter-less design enables the TITAN 41000 to operate 24x7 with minimal maintenance.

All of these features have been engineered by DP into a compact chassis that’s 13.3% smaller, 7.4% lighter, 3dBA quieter, and 27% brighter than the original TITAN model. These improvements regain TITAN’s position as one of the smallest, lightest, brightest, and quietest projector in its class.

In addition to these design enhancements, DP integrated a host of new video processing features into the TITAN 4100 for greater installation ease and improved performance. Features such as source redundancy provide peace of mind for critical live events while flexible geometry adjustments enable intuitive correction via a PC or remote control.

Particularly beneficial for blended multi-projector applications is the TITAN 41000’s new Brightness Sync feature. The TITAN’s embedded sensors monitor and automatically adjust the brightness of each individual projector to ensure that each image is perfectly matched.

M-Vision 27000 WUXGA Laser Projector

Also exhibiting a major performance upgrade is the M-Vision 27000 WU (1920x1200). It embodies many of the same features as the TITAN 41000 but in a super-bright, budget-friendly 1-chip DLP package. Outputting 27,000 ISO lumens,  it excels in environments with high ambient light. Following the design ethos of the TITAN, it too is 14.8% brighter and 9.2% lighter than its predecessor, with environmental considerations taken into account at every stage for a 23.8% improvement in light output efficiency over the previous M-Vision model. 

The addition of ColorBoost + Red Laser technology enables the M-Vision 27000 to produce realistic and saturated colors at previously unreachable luminance levels, and a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio to deliver deep blacks.

A complete suite of professional lenses available for the M-Vision 27000 now includes a brand-new 0.38:1 UST lens. Boasting exceptional vertical shift, the new lens enables even greater installation flexibility in tight spaces. 

Rounding out the capabilities of the M-Vision 27000 are features usually reserved for high-end 3-chip products, such as Source Redundancy, Brightness Sync, and Auto White Balance Correction.

Screen Innovations Showcases Value, Versatility, and Installation Ease

FlexGlass Picard

(Image credit: CBS/Paramount)

Screen Innovations is celebrating its 20 years at InfoComm 2023 with a focused showcase of the evolution of several of its products. You can see them all at Booth 1282.

The Solo 3 

SI’s newest motorized screen cassette Solo 3 features advanced technology and multiple mounting and power options, the slim, discreet footprint of Solo 3 accommodates SI’s vast array of projection screen materials, including, rear projection, ultra-short-throw, and ambient light rejection (ALR). At InfoComm SI pairs a lithium battery-powered Solo 3 cassette with a 100-inch ultra-short-throw, ambient light rejecting screen material. This configuration is well-suited for applications such as corporate boardrooms, higher-ed classrooms, and training facilities where the audience needs light to view reference materials. 

SI Black Diamond Screen

The product that started it all 20 years ago—Black Diamond—will also be showcased. One of the first ambient light rejecting screen materials available, Black Diamond helped integrators broaden their scope of business by delivering uncompromised brightness, clarity, and contrast in environments where it had historically been challenging to achieve this level of performance. The legacy Black Diamond symbolizes SI’s ongoing commitment to providing the types of technologies and problem-solving screen and shade solutions they need to stay current and cutting edge. A reflection of this is SI’s InfoComm demonstration of a Black Diamond screen paired with its ultra-modern fixed Zero Edge Pro fixed frame. Featuring a thin, sleek 0.5-inch bezel, Zero Edge Pro adds a stylish twist to this premiere ALR projection material, as well as SI’s many other projection fabrics. One of the biggest selling features of a Black Diamond screen with a Zero Edge Pro frame is cost. Integrators can offer their customers a 120-inch Black Diamond screen (including a projector) for less than today’s largest 98-inch LED display. 

SI FlexGlass and Black Diamond Film

Screen Innovations provides InfoComm 2023 attendees with a video presentation of new applications and business opportunities enabled by the remarkable installation versatility and performance virtues of its unique rear-projection screen materials FlexGlass and Black Diamond Film. These extraordinary, highly customizable imaging solutions give integrators viable alternatives to traditional projection systems for particularly challenging and specialty applications. FlexGlass is lightweight, durable, and bendable, boasts a low profile of just 2-1/2 millimeters thick, and is available in sizes up to 30,785 millimeters wide by 2,616 millimeters tall. These features make it well-suited for digital signage, projection blending, and projects that require a curved screen. SI’s Black Diamond Film, meanwhile, adheres like window tint to any rigid surface, making it extremely adaptable and applicable for a wide range of projects. 

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Due to their ultra-thin and flexible yet durable compositions, FlexGlass and Black Diamond Film can be configured and shaped in a variety of ways for complex and specialty applications. Plus, they can be rolled up for shipping and delivery to the job site, minimizing the cost and labor typically incurred when shipping and handling a standard rigid rear-projection screen. 

SI Nano 2 Shade Controls Incoming Light for Enhanced Screen Performance 

Screen Innovations continues to push design and technological boundaries with a new and improved Nano 2. This smart, stylish, motorized window shade solution helps integrators better control light in a room by minimizing screen glare caused by sunlight, making it a great add-on sale for projection environments that need a way to better manage natural light. 

Nano 2 embodies a suite of revolutionary new features in direct response to requests from dealers and maintains the same sleek, modern aesthetic that has made the Nano line a favorite among systems integrators. 

Blackwire Designs Showcases AV Control System Drivers and Project Design Services

The Blackwire Design Computer Tiller on display at InfoComm 2023.

(Image credit: Blackwire Design)

Blackwire Designs will demonstrate its latest set of control system drivers and design-assistance services at Booth 4688. The company will highlight how it is adding value to Pro AV and residential AV technologies with expert training, AV-over-IP solutions, driver creation, system design for installs, and more.

Create Custom, Intuitive End User Interfaces With Yamaha MTX Universal Driver
Blackwire's Yamaha MTX Universal Driver allows installers to utilize both the Yamaha MTX3 and MTX5-D audio processors with Control4 systems. The easy-to-install driver controls an MTX processor like any other audio matrix, but it is the only solution that includes a customizable mixer interface that enables end users to control the level and mix of each input across multiple zone outputs. By taking the complexity out of large installations, the MTX Universal Driver focuses on the experience and ease of operation for the end user, who can now mix the audio, trigger custom programming, and adjust the zone and group levels without leaving the native Control4 interface.

With the MTX Universal Driver, installers can create a full custom mixing interface that is specifically tailored to the client's needs, including customizable UI buttons and support for both stereo and mono inputs and zones. In Control4 Composer, system designers can customize buttons with colors and graphics for easy identification, with custom sliders to quickly set input levels and mute statuses. The driver works with current Control4 OS versions 3.1.3 and up as well as Control4 T4 touchscreens, iPads, and Android interfaces.

Simplify Video System Interfaces With Tiler and Video Wall UI Drivers for Control4
Depending on how installers choose to complete a video system, the interface may come with awkward workarounds that force end users to switch through rooms or use custom buttons to perform basic operations. Blackwire's Tiler and Video Wall UI Drivers for Control4 prevent these challenges by providing an easy-to-use interface for Just Add Power and AVPro systems, which are configured with video walls or tilers. Both the Tiler UI and Video Wall UI Drivers integrate natively into the Control4 user interface on both T4 touchscreens and mobile devices and allow an end user to take control of these complex systems with an easy-to-use, visually appealing interface.

Design Comprehensive Network Tech Stacks With AV-Over-IP Configuration Tool
Blackwire's AV-over-IP configuration tool allows dealers to purchase ready-to-deploy, preconfigured, labeled, and fully updated video-over-IP systems available from Just Add Power or AVPro Edge. With this service, Blackwire eliminates the possibility of deploying incorrect configurations or dead-on-arrival hardware, saving dealers time and money by ensuring they have a working system straight out of the box.

Dealers can use the tool to provide Blackwire with project information for any residential or commercial installation. From there, Blackwire will configure the system and test each device based on the requested design, update firmware, and label each device. Moreover, Blackwire will fully document and save the network switch settings all the way down to what port should be used for each transmitter or receiver, allowing dealers to quickly perform updates and resolve any technical issues.

Get Hands-Free Project Planning With Enterprise Networking Design Heatmapping
Blackwire's Network Design Assistance and Predictive WiFi Heatmap gives dealers enterprise-grade installments without spending time and effort on the design itself. By taking the guesswork out of providing great network coverage to residential and commercial spaces, dealers no longer need to repeat the project multiple times before they get it right, making the service extremely cost-effective.

After purchasing the service, the integrator submits blueprints and specifics to Blackwire's design assistance team. Then, Blackwire meticulously designs the project for best network quality and coverage, choosing the right products based on predicted signal strength and suggested access points. This includes the best routers, switches, models, and number of access point locations that will best fit the installer's project.

Operate Doors and Gates With the PDK Integration Access Control Driver for Control4
Blackwire's unique PDK for Control4 driver allows complete control over PDK Cloud Node doors, gates, and roller doors. Designed to work seamlessly with generic relay control drivers built into Control4, the PDK driver also comes with advanced interfaces like the Experience Button and Security Panel driver, providing touchscreen control that's intuitive and easy to use. The driver also supports Door Position Sensor, providing real-time open or close status of doors.

With the PDK driver, users can enjoy secure, real-time integration with, enabling them to control doors remotely and with ease. The custom Experience Button allows users to display and control the status of their door, gate, or roller door and optionally control the Cloud Node without a PIN code. In more security sensitive settings, the Door Interface with PIN Code Control allows users to control any Cloud Node, with the ability to execute Forced Unlock, Do Not Disturb, Unlock, or Lock commands from Control4 Navigator. If the installation has more demanding needs, custom programming can be used to make managing doors or triggering automations based on Cloud Node feedback and variables effortless. Standard Control4 Relay and Contact bindings are available for all other programming needs, while simple installation makes it easy for installers to set up in the field.

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