Announcing the 2019 DIGI Award Winners

2019 DIGI Awards Winner

Digital Signage Magazine is proud to unveil the winners of its 2019 DIGI Awards. In a year marked by industry highs, including predictions that our sector will show year-on-year growth for the foreseeable future, it was heartening to receive so many entries that reflect a thriving category driven by innovation and an eye toward setting the bar higher for digital signage integration across several markets. Discussion among our committee of experts in choosing winners was thoughtful and reflective, with a focus on rewarding boundary-pushing and category-defining products and applications.

“Evaluating this year’s crop of DIGI Awards submissions was a boisterous affair that triggered several conversations about where we are as an industry,” said Llanor Alleyne, content director, Digital Signage Magazine. “As chair of the Judges Committee for the DIGI Awards, it was a pleasure to receive so many definitive, diverse products and application case studies—all demonstrating an industry determined to take a seemingly ubiquitous technology and reshaping it to be an influential game-changer, especially in how consumers receive and interact with information-driven technology. Digital signage innovations, from displays to backend products such as media players and encoders, continues to undergo a refinement transformation that will bode well for future applications, both familiar and unexpected.”

Chosen by a panel of highly regarded digital signage-focused integrators, consultants, and end users, here are the 2019 DIGI Award winners.

Best Digital Signage Application: Corporate

Publicis Sapient/Second Story: Georgia Experience Center

When major global businesses decide where to set up headquarters, millions of dollars and new jobs are on the line. To convince those businesses to choose the state of Georgia, Georgia Power’s headquarters turned dense data into an immersive experience, presenting the intensely intellectual subject matter in an emotionally resonant way.

Best Digital Signage Application: Digital Signage as Art

NEC & NextNow: Rooted in Greatness

To celebrate Illinois’ 200th birthday, faces of prominent Illinoisans who left their mark on the state's history are projected on trees outside of McCormick Place convention center in Chicago.

Best Digital Signage Application: Entertainment

ANC: Pier 17

The digital media network at Pier 17 at Seaport District NYC was designed to help create innovative experiences, allowing consumers to engage with eye-catching visuals as they move from floor to floor of the four-story building.

Best Digital Signage Application: Retail

Reflect: Polaris

Polaris invested in its vehicle dealers to create a unique merchandising solution: The Retail Experience. This retail implementation produces a best-in-class shopper experience by combining a physical product showcase with a digital interactive application created by Reflect.

Best Digital Signage Application: Transportation

NanoLumens: Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre (ROC)

The Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre's new futuristic interior design required a digital signage system that would blend seamlessly within it and would become integral in enabling Sydney Trains’ expert train controllers to monitor the entire rail system, controlling the trains, tunnels and platforms to deliver a safe and reliable journey. 

Best Digital Signage Product: 4K Routing Device

Matrox Maevex 6120 Dual 4K Enterprise Encoder

Maevex 6120 delivers simultaneous dual 4K capture, stream, and record—with options to stream and record even more channels in different configurations—all on a standard one Gigabit Ethernet network. Maevex 6120 features encoding capabilities that can deliver content to on-premises endpoints, to the cloud and internet services, and also record for later editing and viewing—all concurrently. For digital signage, Maevex 6120 presents an opportunity to stream multiple 4K content to many on-site and/or multi-site endpoints from a single, standalone appliance, to showcase various compelling and eye-catching feeds for maximum customer engagement.

Best Digital Signage Product: Content Management Software

Creative Realities Universal Content Interface (UCI)

UCI is a middleware platform that seamlessly connects unique and highly visual content management interfaces to the API of a content management platform. UCI is not a typical CMS—it is an interface to a CMS, an interface that speaks the language of the end user. 

Best Digital Signage Product: Display Device, Large Screen 

Peerless-AV Smart City Kiosk

With a focus on functionality and aesthetics, Peerless-AV’s Smart City Kiosk (KOP2549-XHB, KOP2555-XHB) is designed to be modern, approachable, practical, and endure the rigors of everyday use when unattended. The new all weather-rated solution is ideal for sharing community information, travel, and weather details, as well as wayfinding, advertising, entertainment, and more.

Best Digital Signage Product: Innovation

NEC Analytics Learning Platform (ALP)

NEC ALP is a complete platform including everything from consulting, software, hardware, cloud computing, customized software development, physical installation, software and hardware integration, integration into key content management platforms, and content creation capabilities. The platform also includes on-site, 24/7 service and maintenance, with hardware, software, and managed services support.

Best Digital Signage Product: Mounting Device 

Premier Mounts Convergent LED Mount Series

The bracket system being brought to LED mounts makes the hardware easy to install. Adjustability points across the mount tackles instances of extreme wall unevenness to ensure that no seams show throughout the video wall structure. Connector plates are easy to fasten both vertically and horizontally to build video walls of unlimited scalability.

Best Digital Signage Product: Projection

Epson LightScene

LightScene offers beautiful displays and unobtrusive visuals, without compromising performance or reliability. It features a robust content management that includes templates, effects, color filters, and customizable options. Users can daisy-chain multiple LightScene projectors and utilize edge-blending technology for versatile, impactful displays. A bright visual display system offers up to 2,000 lumens of color brightness and 2,000 lumens of white brightness for vibrant, rich colors.

The staff at Digital Signage Magazine is comprised of a group of experts in the signage and DOOH industries.