A Sound System for All Climates—and Species—Powers a Polish Zoo

A bear stands in a pool in front of guests at Łódź ZOO in Łódź, Poland.
(Image credit: Ashly Audio)

With 810,000 tickets sold since opening day, the new Orientarium at the Łódź ZOO in Łódź, Poland has easily become a must-see attraction. As the preparations to build this modern breeding facility began, it was necessary to have a reliable sound system that is both humidity and high-temperature resistant and would elevate the guest experience for visitors of the zoo. Ashly Audio speakers and amplifiers had the answer to those challenges.

Łódź ZOO, established in 1938, is home to nearly 3,350 animals, representing over 554 unique species from Sumatran orangutans to Indian elephants. In 2022, the zoo opened the new Orientarium, dedicated to Southeast Asia. The facility is the most modern breeding complex in Europe. The 33,000-square-meter area hosts multiple climates, from a 26-meter-long underwater tunnel with seven ocean reservoirs holding three million tons of water, to an area where the temperature reaches 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit (24-26 degrees Celsius) with 80% air humidity.

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A loudspeaker that provides immersive audio from Ashly at the Łódź ZOO in Łódź, Poland.

(Image credit: Ashly Audio)

The Tommex Company was tasked with integrating a sound system which was compatible to a variety of climates within the Orientarium facility. Whether it be humid or dry, or above or below ground, the speakers and amplifiers both needed to be reliable while still producing quality sound. 

Ashly Audio supplied its AW 5.2T and AW 8.2T speakers to cover a large area of the Orientarium. The AW Series speakers were able to combat the dense humidity and high-temperature challenges presented by the location, as well as provide a wide range of frequencies and even coverage throughout the facility.

“Ashly’s AW Series seemed to be the perfect fit to for the need of a unique sound system at Łódź ZOO’s; these speakers were designed to match the performance of expensive on-wall speakers, at a fraction of the cost,” explained Noel Larson, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Ashly Audio, “The speakers are also dust and water-resistant which is necessary for outdoor and indoor installations, especially in public spaces such as a zoo.”

The main area of the Łódź ZOO in Łódź, Poland, with audio powered by Ashly.

(Image credit: Ashly Audio)

Alongside the durable AW Series, Tommex selected Ashly Audio’s FAK250.4 amplifiers in the main control room. Able to power the loudspeakers and serve as a backup, if one of the amplifiers powering down, the other can immediately switch phonic and speaker signals to itself. Additionally, the room includes two Ashly ne8800 matrix processors, which are responsible for digital signal processing and routing of signals using Dante protocol. 

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By producing 250W total per pair, the FA Series allows users to design a system where the watt quantity can be adjusted and distributed between each amp, or even allowing one amp to be replaced by two if needed.  

“Having a reliable amplifier is equally as important as having quality speakers in the facility,” Tomasz Lulkiewicz, project manager at Tommex, explained. “Whether it be projecting a fun fact or an announcement, guests need to be able to hear it clearly. A trustworthy amplifier system such as the FA Series ensures that if an issue were to arise, the technology would be able to quickly provide a solution without disrupting guest experiences.”

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