5 Booths That Caught Our Eye on Opening Day of InfoComm 2024

Samsung's The Wall at InfoComm 2024.
(Image credit: Wayne Cavadi)

Months of anticipation finally came to an end on Wednesday, June 12, as the InfoComm 2024 show floor opened. As the show was flooded with Pro AV enthusiasts and professionals, exhibitors brought their "A game" with dazzling booths and innovative technology.

From LED displays to projection mapping to stunning performances, here were five booths (in no particular order) that stood out and you should make an effort to see.

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Another InfoComm in The Wall

InfoComm 2024 Booths We Love - YouTube InfoComm 2024 Booths We Love - YouTube
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The year is 2032. I will be celebrating my 10th year of going to Pro AV trade shows and Samsung's The Wall will still be one of the first booths to catch my eye. The Wall's MicroLED technology brings images and content to life in vibrant clarity, so much so that you may want to bring an umbrella when the water comes crashing down. You can see it in the West Hall (W1225).

Christie Immerses Guests and Brings a New Twist to Art

Christie Dazzles with Projection at InfoComm - YouTube Christie Dazzles with Projection at InfoComm - YouTube
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Christie is definitely one of the stars of the show. On a show floor full of eye-catching, beautifully spectacular LED displays, Christie used its projectors and media servers and players to bring visitors into its booth experience (W1024).

One of the pieces that stood out was Cathedral of Thieves, a collaboration of intricate wood art consisting of 13 layers of birch wood by Gabriel Schama and Limelight Studios, using Christie projectors to make a work of art come to life. 

The immersive room is where guests can go inside and be completely engulfed in a lava pit or almost psychedelic bubble room, which not only uses projection mapping powered by Christie's Pandora's Box to fully immerse its visitors but tracking that makes the content appear to move as people touch and walk through it. 

One interesting note about this immersive room was that it, like the wood art, was a collaboration between multiple companies. That was a trend on the show floor as Pro AV seems to be working together on these projects to make everything bigger and better. 

Not shown in the video was a performance by the band Something Corporate, whose piano fully wrapped in Christie MicroTiles LED and was a sight to see. 

Epson Announces New Partnership with a Performance

Epson’s InfoComm 2024 Booth - YouTube Epson’s InfoComm 2024 Booth - YouTube
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Earlier in May, Cirque du Soleil named Epson its official projector partner. The two made the announcement official at InfoComm 2024, with a performance by one of Cirque du Soleil's own at the Epson booth (W1800). Pair an impressive, contortionist performance with the powerful Epson EB-PQ2220B 20,000 lumen, 4K projector and you'll stop a lot of people in their tracks. You can see it again Thursday at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. PT. 

LG Business Solutions Indoor LED Wows

LG’s Indoor LED Wows at InfoComm 2024 - YouTube LG’s Indoor LED Wows at InfoComm 2024 - YouTube
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This was a fun display from LG Business Solutions, but don't be fooled. It is just one of many cool things you'll find at its booth (W2125). The piece is labeled a "New Digital Media Art," with its kinetic movement and vivid imagery creating a different kind of LED experience.

This was the 1.9mm LSBC Compact Indoor LED with 1000-nit brightness in HDR. The QR code takes you to a page that claims "you can display content that has vivid colors that create an impact on customers." I would say it did just that.

Fujifilm Goes Fully Immersive

Fujifilm Goes Fully Immersive at InfoComm - YouTube Fujifilm Goes Fully Immersive at InfoComm - YouTube
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Fujifilm (W2965) partnered with Igloo, a U.K.-based immersive experience company, to take InfoComm attendees on a journey to space, or the open seas, the Vegas strip, or to a mini rave... or all four.

Twelve Fujifilm FP-Z8000 Projectors (FP-Z8000) bring the content to life. The snorkeling, rotating lens shifts and its compact size, giving it the ability to hide into the aesthetics, help cover the entire room and completely immerse guests on the floor, ceiling, and four walls. The Igloo Core Engine (ICE) helps bring an impressive depth to the scenes—looking down a New York City street, you feel as if you are quite literally looking down the street. As Holly Mindel, business development consultant for Igloos Immersive Spaces, told me, you don't look at a picture, you are looking into a picture. 

You can find out more about it here

For Your Consideration

Panasonic Connect Brings Luma to InfoComm - YouTube Panasonic Connect Brings Luma to InfoComm - YouTube
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Need to give a shoutout to Panasonic Connect here. Not only do they have an immersive golf simulation powered by itself and Full Swing, but the company "brought" the LUMA Projection Arts Festival to Las Vegas. 

The festival, which uses Panasonic Connect PT-RQ35K 4K projectors to make historic buildings into canvases for artists, takes place in Binghamton, NY. The two-day festival was covered right here on SCN, and Panasonic Connect recreated one of the historic buildings and artists' show at their booth (W1500).

Wayne Cavadi
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