The Evolution of Digital Signage

It is a pleasure to kick off this last month of summer as the new content director for Digital Signage magazine, part of the AV Network family of pro AV titles covering every aspect of the global technology scene. Having started my AV journalism career covering digital signage and commercial integration in London for Installation Europe way back in the mid-2000s, I am coming full circle after making enriching stops along way with other pro AV titles under the Future umbrella, including Residential Systems and Sound & Video Contractor.

What I have learned on this journey so far is that the best stories, whether covering new innovative products, an outstanding integration project, or a current high-profile appointee, is that information is best delivered with an emphasis on accuracy and fun.

It’s with that spirit that I delve back into the world of digital signage, which is not only changing the way we get around but also how we interact with our rapidly evolving, tech-driven world. We haven’t yet hit Blade Runner or Altered Carbon levels of sensory engagement, but in the practical, fantastical, and creative ways that digital signage is used today, the expanded visual and technical vocabulary of the sector is undeniable. This evolution speaks to how quickly technology has become an integral part of our everyday experience—as well as how it is reshaping our connection to each other and our shared environments.

As content director for Digital Signage magazine, I welcome our readers, integrator and tech partners to be in touch with me directly—e-mail me at Tell me your integration stories, what you are working on now, how you see the sector evolving, what you would like to see more (or less of) from the sector and our editorial team. My door is open.

Feel free to connect with me via Twitter: @llanordsm and @DigiSignMag.

Llanor Alleyne is an artistic editorial professional with proven success in developing, managing, and executing a wide range of creative and editorial processes. Her diverse editorial and artistic background encompasses a strong work ethic and a commitment to interrogating and addressing cultural, environmental and technological mores and norms impacting global change.