Touring the Demo Rooms: Experiencing Innovation

“Come and experience, be transformed, be changed by the innovations of what we offer at InfoComm, including in our audio demo rooms,” says Rochelle Richardson, senior vice president of expositions and events for AVIXA.

With nearly two dozen demo rooms to drop in on, there’s plenty to take in. Over in W224G, Eastern Acoustic Works has a lot on hand to check out, like its KF810P installation line array, RS Subwoofer Series, RS Series of two-way, self-powered loudspeakers, its MKD800, 1000 and 1200 loudspeaker family, Radius, Adaptive and far more.

Next door in W224H, DB Technologies has plenty to offer, including two new entries in its VIO Series of loudspeakers—the VIO L208, a compact stand-alone line array system, and VIO S118R, a bass reflex sub designed specifically for the VIO line array systems.

Alcons Audio’s demo room at InfoComm 2019

Alcons Audio’s demo room

There’s plenty on display at KV2 Audio (W225AB), but one of its newest products could get overlooked if you’re not careful: the ESD Cube System, a compact (6-inch x 6-inch x 6.5-inch) passive speaker utilizing a trans-coil design for vocal reproduction, high-frequency response and more.

Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio (W231A) is presenting its pro-ribbon sound systems, while over in W230D, Pioneer Professional Audio is doing demos on the hour, showing off all its loudspeakers in a presentation that culminates in a high-energy Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology demo that utilizes every speaker in the room.

d&b audiotechnik has set up in W232AB to introduce its new A-Series augmented array loudspeakers. Combining the design attributes of a point source cluster with the control options of a d&b line array, the system comprises the AL60 and AL90 loudspeakers, with ALi60 and ALi90 offering cabinets designed specifically for permanent installation. Designed for medium-scale applications, the AL60/ALi60 and AL90/ALi90 can be set up in arrays of two to four loudspeakers and deployed horizontally or vertically, covering areas of 50 to 150 degrees.

[Touring the Audio Demo Rooms: A Proper AV Experience, by Clive Young, June 12, 2019]

After visiting all that, you might need a nap, but CODA Audio (W232C) has the next best thing—N-APS, its new ultra-compact, two-way arrayable point source loudspeaker that brings together aspects of line arrays and point source systems.

Spread out across W231BC, W235 and W236, Bose Professional’s demo room offers attendees a chance to listen to a mix of products (the company’s recently released more than 50) with a specific focus on systems for hospitality and higher education spaces. An assortment of products, including new DesignMax and ArenaMatch loudspeaker lines, join loudspeakers like the digitally-steerable Panaray MSA12X and in-ceiling EdgeMax loudspeaker to create an immersive, informational experience.

Closing things out is the massive demo room (W240A-D) of Meyer Sound, which is showcasing multiple new products—most notably the ULTRA-X40 point source loudspeaker—and immersing visitors in a preview of Spacemap LIVE, a prototype spatial sound mixing tool. The Spacemap LIVE demos are conducted on even hours from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. through today (Friday), and in between demos, the room transforms into the Sonic Lounge, a quiet and hospitable refuge for relaxed conversation and personalized product demonstrations.

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