SCN Hall of Fame 2020

Each year when we are poring over our SCN Hall of Fame nominations, we tend to find one quality all the recipients have in common. This year’s Hall of Fame inductees—all powerful influencers in the pro AV community—share the trait that, like Rick Astley, they never give up.

The challenges they face have been large, and, at times, may have seemed overwhelming, but they all persevered and rose to the occasion, leaving a trail of achievements behind them. There’s John Laughlin, who purchased a small firm and grew that into a multi-million-dollar integration empire. Then we have Sandi Stambaugh, who has worked her way up at Synnex and lifted as she climbed, empowering her employees and the greater AV community to create their own successes.

As we honor this impressive group of audiovisual professionals, I encourage you to look inward and decide what will make you, our SCN readers, successful in your own lane. Whether it’s inventing the next pro AV innovation, becoming an AV marketing rock star, or being the world’s best boss, you can do it. Believe and achieve like this year’s inductees did and you might find yourself in the SCN Hall of Fame one day.

Meet the 2020 SCN Hall of Fame Inductees

Marika Aquino

Christina DeBono

Steve Greenblatt

Paul Harris

John Laughlin

Anne Sellers

Sandi Stambaugh

Paul Ziele

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