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Future Forward: The Nine

SCN The Nine
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These days, it seems that the future of pro AV, business and, frankly, the entire world is uncertain. But the 2020 class of SCN’s The Nine is looking ahead to a brighter future. They are ready to take on today’s problems with tomorrow’s solutions.

Take Tammuz Dubnov, for example. His passion for the arts and sciences led him to create Zuzor, a company that offers a software and platform solution that enables any digital display to support experiential content. Now he (and others!) is able to synchronize elaborate choreography to a video background using a one-of-a-kind interactive projection platform.

With her focus on furthering technical career opportunities for women, Kari Martinez created an industry-wide survey to gain statistical insights into the field so she can use the data to create a better, more inclusive future.

Crestron’s Sharath Abraham isn’t afraid to ask questions and pushes himself to learn new skills so he can use the knowledge in his current and future positions.

These are just a few examples of the creativity, passion, and forward-thinking mindset of this year’s The Nine honorees, who are illuminating the way for those who want to rush boldly into the future of pro AV. Read on to get to know the 2020 class.

Meet 2020's The Nine

Sharath Abraham

Kate Calderon

Tammuz Dubnov

Joe Dunbar

Jarrod Hillman

Kari Martinez

Lex Peters

Maura Quinn

Chrissy Spurlock

SCN The Nine 2020 on AVNation

For more in-depth interviews with the 2020 class of The Nine, watch the AVNation videos below.

Joe Dunbar, Kari Martinez, and Lex Peters

Jarrod Hillman, Maura Quinn, and Tammuz Dubnov

Kate Calderon, Chrissy Spurlock, and Sharath Abraham.

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