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Center Stage 2019 Preview: Optimizing Digital Signage Design with Retail Behavioral Analytics

Center Stage is returning to InfoComm 2019 and you won't want to miss any of the action. On Wed., June 12 at 1:00 p.m., Laura Davis-Taylor of High Street Collective and Adrian Weidmann of StoreStream Metrics will take the stage to discuss "Optimizing Digital Signage Design with Retail Behavioral Analytics."

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Laura Davis-Taylor

Laura Davis-Taylor

"Having spent over a decade in these complex trenches, we will be enlightening everyone with what's now available to prove your project out, how to do so in a way that takes opinion out of the mix, and how to begin optimizing your retail activations for guaranteed success," said Davis-Taylor of the duo's upcoming presentation.

"If you do any kind of in-store digital within retail, you need to know the basics of ROI for your projects. It's all about your business case and your measurement tools and techniques for proving it out. However, going deeper, it's about how people behave around your technology. Why and how your content and message delivery matters.  Do they see it? Do they care? Do they do something after they encounter? If so, what? And how did that translate to revenue?" she added.

Adrian Weidmann

Adrian Weidmann 

A bit of bonus advice about analytics for integrators from Wiedmann: "Don't assume you know how people are going to behave. Meaningful analytics is not just a dashboard. What they say and what they do is often completely different, and the only way to validate a hypothesis is with irrefutable quantitative evidence."

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