How Viable is AV Outsourcing? by Virginia Rubey

As another Cell Phone Civil War battle plays out this week in Wisconsin, AVNetronics is looking at the bigger picture of AV ventures. The worldwide consulting company claims it is the first AV outsourcing point that cultivates “reverse outsourcing” relationships. It brokers deals between North American AV companies and companies in India; Saudi Arabia; the United Arab Emirates, and other countries with a reputation for "red tape."

Chief Operating Officer Frank Padikkala says reverse outsourcing ops for digital signage products, for example, are ample in these “economic hot spots” due to functional integration with IP based technologies. Consulting, project management, and AV design services are other areas with expansion potential abroad. According to Padikkala, control room and audio consulting and design services are in “huge demand and need to be tapped into immediately.”

Players in the AV industry abroad require a smaller-scale of service than most transnational corporations can offer. AVNetronics consultants around the globe partner with smaller companies to find affordable solutions, which Padikkala says often involves the products or services of smaller North American AV companies. AVNetronics’ edge is their team of consultants around the world -- who know their way around obstacles that have prevented “reverse outsourcing” in the AV industry in the past.

Instead of pressing patent infringement charges, Padikkala says AV technology companies can expand by providing their products and expertise to new charges. “Costs [for North American companies] would not increase dramatically other than operational costs, which would... increase due to demand,” explains Padikkala. As for their fees, “AVNetronics operate with the lowest possible costs. We rely heavily on internet technologies like video conferencing... and so on.”

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