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AMIMON Introduces MO-1w Visual Presenter, VPR-1 Receiver

AMIMON has introduced ELMO's MO-1w visual presenter and VPR-1 receiver, utilizing AMIMON's Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) technology to eliminate the need for cumbersome wiring between devices used in school instruction and daily business presentations.

Based on the popular wired version of MO-1, MO-1w wirelessly captures static images of documents and three-dimensional objects, such as textbooks, student notebooks and business contracts, and projects them onto a screen through a projector or on a digital TV monitor. MO-1w also makes it possible to wirelessly show movies from PCs and DVD players.

The visual presenter is equipped with a wireless video camera system used in combination with the VPR-1 wireless video receiver in conference rooms and classrooms to reduce costs associated with wiring and installation and allow greater freedom in presentations. By using the WHDI wireless technology developed by AMIMON, images can be transmitted up to full 1080/30p HD video and wireless audio, with no cable connection required between the MO-1w and a projector or monitor.

MO-1w is also equipped with an HDMI input terminal and analog RGB to connect to smartphones, PCs and other communications and video equipment. With its compatibility for tablets or smartphones, the wireless mobility of the camera supports the visual communication needs of schools and businesses at any time and any place.

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