Shopper Engagement Webcast July 18 -

Shopper Engagement Webcast July 18

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POPAI will sponsor a Webcast on Shopper engagement, July 18, at 3:00 - 4:30 PM EST. The final results of the first field trial for the Marketing at Retail Initiative (MARI) that was held in the UK, will be presented by Martin Kingdon, as well as the preliminary results of the US field trial.

The ground breaking MARI study is designed to measure marketing at-retail programs so to put their measurement on a par with other media such as print and broadcast, by providing measurements of Shopper Engagement which will show what shoppers actually looked at across the store in terms of in-store media both for the store as a whole and within specific categories. This combined with ROI measurements will provide a full picture of the in-store environment allowing brands and retailers to plan their at-retail executions with a far greater degree of sophistication than has been available historically.

POPAI, The Global Association for Marketing at-Retail announced the first findings from studies pioneered by the Marketing At Retail Initiative (MARI) on June 19th.This first proof of concept study was conducted in the United Kingdom at Morrisons and ADSA/Wal-Mart stores. Initial findings show not only the volume of shoppers visiting the stores but the amount of Marketing at Retail materials to which they were exposed to and what materials actually caught their eye.

“This is a significant initiative which will allow brands and retailers to better understand the important role that POP can play in the marketing mix. We have the chance to establish a new language for the accountability of POP that will allow it to be compared with other media. The MARI study will show how POP compares with above the line means of advertising for the first time and will be able to quantify its effectiveness. The study will hopefully reiterate what people in the POP industry already believe, and educate brands and retailers further about the value of POP compliance.”, said David Martin, Head of brand marketing, ASDA-Wal-Mart.

MARI outlined a series of tests around the world to study Shopper Engagement to begin to measure consumer experience at retail. Another study in the US has completed work in the field, with the results to be examined in July 18 Webcast.

Additional studies are planned in Europe later this year. The Shopper Engagement Metrics trial is the first in POPAI’s multi-step vision to position the at-retail medium for the future. This vision includes the development of a Marketing At Retail Valuation system (MARV) which offers standardize measurement and analysis of placement, materials and messages used in the retail environment to understand what works best to maximize the investment in this medium and the overall media mix.

The results shared at the webcast will not only provide general quantifiable insights into shopper engagement, but more importantly it provides the vast amounts of data required to understand what works best in specific retail environments and product categories.

The ongoing project incorporates the use of cutting edge technology including small cameras and video software to quantify levels of consumer involvement.

This technology will be able to count shopper entry, provide gender and age group demographics, and measure shoppers’ sustained visual contact with advertisements throughout their store visit. The software will also be used to develop thermal floor maps of shopper pathways illustrating hot and cold spots in the store and its relationship to the various in-store categories.

Early results from the technology show that there are affordable applications on a broader scale Lessons learned from this study were applied to the US field trial and will provide a comparison and contrast for not only cultural differences, but improvements in the methodology.

For additional information visit and select the "Calendar" to register for the July 18 Webcast.


POPAI Finalizes MARI Shopper Engagement Service

POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing at-Retail, announced that it has finalized contract negotiations with Sheridan Consulting for a new three measurement cycle Shopper Engagement Service as conceived and tested during Phase One of POPAI's Marketing At Retail Initiative (MARI) in the United States and the United Kingdom. The new service tracks engagement with Marketing at Retail materials as shoppers make their way through the store. Shopper Engagement has been recently defined by the MARI advisory council (MAC), a group comprised of brands and retailers participants. The MAC standard for shopper engagement is when a shopper's eye focuses on an item for at least one second. Shoppers, who participate, wear high-tech microsurgical cameras

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By James Tenser, VSN Strategies Performance metrics linked to sales and profits are twice as desirable as in-store Gross Rating Points or other third-party ratings, according to a new survey from consulting firm VSN Strategies. Findings from the Retailativity Study of Shopper Media Network Practices and Trends suggest that so-called “in-store GRPs” may not be adequate to support strategy and practice for in-store advertising media, including the emerging digital networks.

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David Keene Year-end/year-beginning in this industry is always tied up in the peculiar dynamics of the retail trade, where so much of the year’s profit is made after Black Friday, and in the unavoidable dynamics of the economy as a whole, where trepidation over the outlook for the coming year turns us all introspective if not cautious. But cyclical dynamics are not going to change the equation driving at-retail now. As consumers move away from traditional marketing/media messages, in-store is indeed the last place they can be targeted, and so attention is now being refocused to the retail space. The search for the in-store RPG, and the need to engage shoppers at-retail, is now the focus of brands, producers, retailers, and agencies. To prepare a sidebar for Matt Baker’s feature on shopper engagement in this month’s issue, I had an intriguing conversation with John Greening. John is well known for his work on the legendary Budweiser ad camp

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POPAI, the global association for marketing at-retail, invites all interested to join a dive into the consumer's mind on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 3 - 4:30 p.m. EDT as Dr. A.K. Pradeep, founder and CEO of NeuroFocus, Inc., walks participants through the basic components of Neuroscience marketing. Neuromarketing is the science of studying consumers' brainwaves to see how they respond to advertising and brand messages in the commercial field. Neuromarketers use brainwave science to see how emotional sensory and neurological cues are affecting consumers at-retail. This approach gives you the ability to devise the most effective ways to communicate to consumers, based upon scientifically-generated understanding of how the human brain receives, processes and stores information.

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New interactive features that drive product awareness and sales are now being rolled out to retailers and brands using EnGage, ComQi's Shopper Engagement Technology platform. Enhancements to ComQi's cloud-based in-store digital CMS platform, EnGage, power everything from video content launched by RFID tags on products, to content controlled and integrated with shoppers' smartphones.

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