Pakedge Expands Router Kit Lineup with RE2

Pakedge Expands Router Kit Lineup with RE2

Pakedge Device and Software has expanded its router kit lineup to include the popular RE2 router. The new router kits feature Pakedge switch technology, designed specifically for AV and automation applications.

The RE2 router can be paired with one of two managed switch options - the S8Hav or S8Mpd.Pakedge customers can choose to pair the RE2 router with one of two managed switch options - the S8Hav or S8Mpd. The S8Hav is an enterprise class switch with eight gigabit ports. All eight ports are PoE, four of which are PoE+. The S8Mpd is a reliable switch with eight ports. Both switches are fiber compatible.

The RE2 is robust router, solid build with enterprise grade components. The router is equipped with virtual DMZ and has three dedicated LAN ports, one dedicated WAN port, and another that can be configured either way. It also features free DNS functionality and is BakPak Cloud Management compatible.

More than just VLAN compatible, the RE2 and both managed switches are enhanced with Pakedge Zones. Pakedge Zones enhance network performance across routers, switches, and access points by separating different types of traffic. This helps optimize traffic and saves on installation time since the preconfigured zones make the switch virtually plug-and-play. Pakedge Zones also prevent traffic from flooding your network so that latency-sensitive devices, like VoIP, can remain intact.

  • Pakedge products, current and upcoming, are Connect+ enabled and are designed to work harmoniously with one another to provide premium performance. Connect+ products work as a team and can use individual device information to improve overall system performance so that networks are always performing at peak. Better connections, seamless streaming, less down time – so tech integrators can rest easy.
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